Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Make a Wish

I wish that I could catch a firefly in a jar, look at it up close and see how it glows, and then release it. I have never seen one before. Anyone live near fireflies? Can I come visit?

I wish the stars really were as peaceful as they seem.

I wish I could float past the planets and weave through Saturn's rings.

I wish tobogganing down Everest was a thrilling possibility.

I wish the dishes would wash and dry themselves.

I wish my brain could wrap around the inner workings of a telephone. I think that email and phones were invented in the wrong order. Text is nice, but to be able to hear a loved one's voice over a phone line or better yet, through does that work?!?!

I wish I could grow gills so I could swim with the creatures of the sea. I wonder what it would feel like to be a jellyfish? I bet it feels so free and fluid and graceful.

I wish I had the courage to travel solo.

I wish trees could scream out loud when someone approaches with an axe...maybe we would find other materials to build our houses with that didn't hurt the forests. I truly am a tree hugger at heart.

I wish my eyes could actually see the flowers growing. What do they sound like as they burst out of bud?

I wish I could remember being in the womb...being under the age of one...being three again, wearing pajamas with the feet in them...being young enough to believe that when you blow on dandelion seeds, your wishes really do come true.

What do you wish?


  1. Sometimes I wish for the warmth of a campfire:
    And sometimes I wish to fly away from it all and set myself free:
    Mostly - like you - I wish that I could still believe that wishes and dreams actually do come true.

    Absolutely beautiful writing..and an image to match.

  2. a gorgeous capture!!!

    i wish i could slow down time...
    i wish i had the sense of self that my 5-year-old daughter exudes...
    i wish i did more and thought less...
    i wish i could gather up all the lovelies who inspire me and steal them away for a weekend retreat.

  3. i often have dreams that i can breathe underwater and i loved seeing your wish for gills on your list :)

    i don't wish for anything right now more than for everyone to know joy. because once a person has truly felt it once, there's a longing to always return to that place and how can anything be wrong in the world if everyone is longing for that?

    wishing you joy

  4. Another beautiful post, another beautiful photo.

    I live near fireflies! They are all in my front yard in the summertime so come visit anytime you want to. I have tons of jars too! :)

    I wish...

    That I could finally, once and for all, understand how airplanes fly.

  5. I'll have to think of what I wish, but in the meantime, your list has made me wish for things I never knew I wished for or had forgetten that I wanted to do.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful list!

  6. Two that come to mind...
    ~I wish to be up to my elbows in soil as fluffy as chocolate cake mix...snuggling little seedlings into their new homes.
    ~I wish I could go back and give my grandparents squishy hugs...and thank them for all that they did for me.

    Oh, and I too, wish that we could all get together sometime...I can just imagine the time we could have! :)


  7. you are great and so are your wishes! and your beautiful writing :)
    I wish that we never judged.
    I wish I could go all around the world.
    I wish i could sit by a campfire at night by the ocean with great company and conversations.
    I wish for great conversations with absolute strangers.
    I wish i could float on air and walk on top of the beautiful clouds.
    I wish i could touch the sun :)
    and many more .
    lots of love to you. ailin.

  8. I wish there was an old railway track from my thoughts to yours;
    and an old red steam engine with open wagons rolling between valleys and mountains between pinewood and lakes.

    i wish a was a cloud floating accross the himalayas watching those hermits chanting in their caves the sacred songs of their soul.

    I wish i was a lotus in a pond.
    i wish you could be there with me telling me how you see the world.

    i wish i could hear the laughter of the parched earth when the first drop of rainfall touches her.

    i wish to know where do all the prayers of people go.

    i wish to place my ears against your soul to hear its soul beats.

    Jaime , your writings is absolute fabulous. And the picture immensely magical. Wonder what journey awaits the tiny pod detaching in the breeze.
    i think i could go along with it!

    love you.

  9. i wish everyone could find happiness, peace and love always


  10. I wish people would be kinder to each other.
    I wish creativity blossomed more, like it did for you in this post. Just lovely.

  11. I wish I could feel the darkness snuggled up against my skin, the stars softly tickling me & giggling in my ears, telling me their secrets. ~~~ I wish I could once again feel the rocking of the old chairs on my grandmother's front porch, hear the ka-thump as I'd make them lean back farther than they should & then fall back to earth ~~~ I wish my jeep got better gas mileage ~~~

  12. Oh! One more thing! I tagged you. I almost feel apologetic for this - how funny! Anyway, you're IT - at least, 1/7th of it!

  13. jaime--what a fantastic post! again, i am in awe of your photography! i'm SO getting a better camera in Singapore!!

    and i'm also going to lift your "i wish" theme and write a few wishes of my own on my blog...i've been so strangely depressed by the horrible story in austria that i definitely need to think of happier things. your list helped!

    thank you for the inspiration!!


  14. What a beautiful blog!

    I wish that each day there might be one more drop
    of love
    in the ocean,

    Peace and light, Maithri

  15. "I wish the dishes would wash and dry themselves."

    I wish for that, like, everyday :)

    Beautiful words!

  16. Beautiful wishes...
    love the wish of fireflies...they are so can hardly see them...when between them it feels like being within the magic...your skin are touched...and caressed by tiny beings full of magical they way to your heart. When in their presence...the 'magic' is so overpowering it feels as if you can do anything...

    I wish...upon a star xx

  17. I love your wishes, your heart. You have inspired a post or two this morning, with this.