Monday, December 10, 2012

Where Stars are Born

My living space is aglow with little white fairie lights. They hang from my window, tipped with little glass stars at the ends that catch my eye when they twirl and bounce the light. Would it really be so bad if I kept them up most... no, all of the year? Not all of them.. just a little string of white lights? They make me happy. They release a warm inviting light into the room that has the same effect on me that a good paint colour does.

Hmmm. But I guess they wouldn't be as special at Christmas, if I had them up all year.

I am in full nesting mode. It's as though all of my senses want to be coaxed and nurtured... whether it be the spiced gingerbread fog wafting from the oven, the soft fuzz of my new slippers under my toes, the hypnotic rhythm of the raindrops tapping at my windowpanes, or a cup of creamy nut oolong warming my hands and cheeks.... all of these simple pleasures entice me to stay in, to slow way down and to be exceptionally mindful. And most grateful.

I just want to be home. In my nest. Until the flowers come out.