Thursday, April 3, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the New

It's only early afternoon, and already I've had a day of unexpected surprises!

I finally got my procrastinating derriere into the garden this morning. How good it felt to clear away all of last year's overgrowth, and allow room for the new to grow. This is such a metaphor for so many aspects of my life right now. Many new shoots were hidden under the rubble, waiting in longing for me to come around and clear away some space so they could see the sunshine. I love the smell of the fresh overturned earth, I love how clean and clear my outdoor space looks, and I adore so much the tiny hummingbirds hovering overhead, inspecting my work. I hope I have pleased them.

As I was digging and clearing my little piece of earth, I could hear my phone ringing inside, but decided to let my voicemail take it, as I was covered from head to toe in dirt. When I finally came inside and checked my messages, I was so thrilled to hear my brother's voice, sending me love from the other side of the world. My brother and his wife have been on a 3 month trip through Africa. The only word we get from him is an occasional email to say that they are ok and enjoying every minute of their adventure. He called to tell me that they will be returning next week and would like me to meet up at my parents' place.

I am so anxious to hear how their trip went! About a year ago, they sent an email out to everyone they know asking them not to give them gifts of any kind for the rest of the year. Instead of receiving birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts, they hoped that people would give money to their "unknown cause fund". They wanted to take what they had raised to Africa with them and help people that they met along the way. A friend of theirs did the same thing a few years ago, and were able to change the lives of several families. One woman used to sew to support her family. When her sewing machine broke, she had no way of fixing it, she could not afford to buy a new one, and as a result, she was having trouble keeping her children fed. My brother's friend bought her a new sewing machine and changed her life! I can't wait to see what they have done with the money they took with them, and to hear all of their amazing stories. They will be different people when they return, I'm sure.

Also, I made him promise to take a picture of a baby elephant for me. I luuuvvv baby elephants! Is there anything sweeter on this Earth?


  1. Beautiful Jaime...
    thank you so much for sharing this today.
    I smiled as I envisioned you in the garden, letting the telephone ring...
    A three month trek to Africa to help those less fortunate... how incredible a journey, how huge their hearts.

    And then we get to picture baby elephants...
    what a beautiful bedtime story you just gave to me :)
    thank you.

    so much love to you....

  2. baby elephants...i think you should envision a dream walking next to them...somewhere in this world...maybe Indonesie/India...stroking their head...playing with their trunks...giggling with them xx

  3. WOW! What an amazing thing to do! I would love to do a trip like that!

    Well done for getting out and getting to your garden - you must feel a whole new energy about yourself now!!

    (I love baby elephants too - my dream vacation is to go and work at the baby elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka or the one in Africa. They are so obviously a divine creature.)


  4. what a fantastic trip your brother is on, wow ... and awww baby elephants, so adorable!!

    i cannot wait to get out into my garden, the snow was almost all melted and ten i awoke this morning to swirls of the white stuff, sigh ... it can't last forever though :)

  5. What an amazing trip, can't wait to hear more about it! Sounds lovely working in the garden, with the hummingbirds. :) xoxo