Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Fear...

I know that you are there.
And I know that you are too stubborn to leave me alone.

But I also know that you reside inside my brain.
And the bigger, more powerful part of me resides within my heart, the source of love and all good things. And that part of me is even strong enough to love you.
Because in a lot of respects, you can be my ally.
You tell me where the danger is, and you help me to avoid catastrophe.

But...I have learned that sometimes, my well being is not in your best interest. Sometimes, when my heart feels strong, and I am full of passion for what I am doing in my life you will do whatever it takes to fill my brain with doubt.
You deceive me.
Sometimes I don't catch it right away and I fall for your tricks.

But not today.

So, Fear.... I'm sorry I don't have more time for chit chat. I need to put my work boots on and start building my dream.

So move over and stop buzzing in my ear like a pesky little mosquito.

Or I'll squish you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Go gently into the next hour and see what becomes of it.
What is calling to your senses?

Catch the eye....

The tulip trees are blooming. I saw one yesterday with pink blossoms the size of small cabbages! More bloom than branch.

Have you ever looked deeply into your own eyes through a mirror? How intricate and complex the colours are.

Listen in...

Slip into a bubble bath and imagine a miniature tap class as the tiny bubbles pitter patter all around you. Sink under the surface and listen to your heart's rhythm. It is telling you how much it loves you.

Indulge in a nap and take notice at the way things sound so far away as you drift into dream.

When your cat purrs next to you, tell me it doesn't make you feel reassured...that all is well in this moment...this delicious hour.

Breathe deeply...

Smell the soft sweet fragrance of cherry blossom, or the ocean salt, or the fresh white breath of snow.

What particular scent can rouse your nostalgic memory? lavender....crisp clean sheets....manderin oranges...lilacs...a pot of pasta sauce bubbling and burbling...spring rain.

All in good taste...

Squish a caramel on your tongue. Crush a grape...a pomegranate seed and savour the flavourburst. Absorb the sugary sand of a pear.

Warm cookies and milk...can anything in the world comfort like this combination can? Especially when the chocolate chips are still melty and all over your fingers gooey.

Connect through touch...

Pluck a magnolia from its reaching limb and sweep its delicate petals across your cheek...a blooming kiss.

Let the wind play with your hair, let the waves chase your feet, let the rain tickle the tip top of your head, let the sun warm you from the outside in.

In awe...

Don't forget to engage your sense of wonder as you bring into awareness this hour and all of its gentle enticements... this beautiful hour that can feel eternal when you succumb to the richness of the world around you.