Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Beautiful

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Ralph Waldo also wrote, these lines i often quote...

    " Rhodora, if the sages ask thee why
    this charm is wasted on the earth and sky
    tell them dear,that if eyes were made for seeing
    then beauty is its own excuse for being.

    Thankyou again for these fabulous photos that you post.


  2. Seems like we've been posting comments to one another almost at the same time. Is'nt that wonderful!
    Have a surprise for you on my blog!

  3. you must have a great camera!!! what is it? i'm starting to feel an increasing desire to take pix and my little pink 7.2 megapixel sony cyber-shot doesn't feel like enough anymore...

  4. YES!!! That is so lovely. You are really an amazing photographer!!

  5. Lovely photo's :)

  6. These are beautiful photos. I thought of you yesterday while photographing a beautiful, bedraggled, rose-covered fence in Jefferson, Texas - I knew you would appreciate the loveliness of it all.

    And ps - thanks for the kind words while paying my blog a visit. It was a tough week!

  7. beautiful is what your blog is ..... it is good to catch up with your entries and photos after quite sometime. i am extremely happy for your blog success. i know you may not remember me but i was your first comment friend ... and just like your camera capturing interesting subjects, i knew i captured such a precious blogger right when i came across yours. thanks for all the thoughts and inspirations - keep them coming!!!

  8. It's something when a camera (and a great photographer) can capture an image that sits quietly side by side with an Emerson quote. He was marvellous. Your pictures are simply beautiful, and simple.

  9. Your photos are absolutely luscious! There just isn't another word to describe.

  10. Oh...((((((sigh))))))...this is a lovely quote to go with your lovely photographs...


  11. sigh*

    thank you for these simply breath-taking photos and the gentle reminder of this beautiful quote.

  12. Jaimie, i was so glad that you came in.
    Those lines were just the most natural thing i could say to you.

    I was just modestly showing your own face in the that verbal mirror.

    Maybe, you don't know yet; that you have been taking me to those valleys and mountains where you have been ,
    where the eyes watch in awe what the heart alone can translate,
    You have taken me there,
    where only the spirit can lead you.

    And i can't explain how you do that!!
    thankyou too!! for your wonderful gift of yourself!
    And thankyou for making the clouds look so beautiful!!


  13. thanks for dropping by my other blog site and i did try to leave a comment back for you.

    most of all thanks for doing me a favor haha. i was wondering why more people were landing on that new blog site rather than my old blog site first. which made me check my profile settings and sure enough - i had to update and include the other one. duh - haha. so you see, i would have not thought of checking until your comment. hurrah!

    so next time you get bored, you're surely welcome to drop by my other site called "ikspreshns".

    take care!

  14. Your photos are amazing.