Thursday, January 29, 2009


I passed by a rather large tree stump yesterday. Surrounding it were sweet little snowdrops, like a ring of faeries, holding hands, quietly encouraging the poor tree to deepen its roots and gather the courage to grow again.

But maybe it isn't like that at all. Maybe those pearly white blossoms are happy that the tree is gone....relieved even. Maybe they decided to take root around that lonely stump because without the shady cover of towering leaves and branches, they have a much better view of the sun?
They do bloom in January, after all. They need all the warmth they can absorb.

But personally, I would like to encourage that tree to grow. If only the sunshine that tickles the winter blooms was enough to bring a beautiful oak tree back into its magnificence.

Just like me to root for the underdog.
If the story was a little different...if the tree was flourishing and the snowdrops at its feet were wilting due to lack of sunshine, I might be singing a different tune.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pear Fuzz

Newborn babies are often covered in a delicate coat of fine hair affectionately known as peach fuzz. Did you know that baby pears are fuzzy too?

I took this picture back in July and fell in love with this sweet little pear, but for some reason I never posted it. Maybe it wasn't time.

But now, in this sleepy month of January a new heart connection is born.
A new collaboration.
A new inspiration.

We call ourselves The Four.
Four wonderfully unique Canadian women who have come together to create something beautiful. Every two weeks, one of us will present a challenge to the group. We will each take a photograph that reflects our own personal expression of that challenge and post it on our new blog.

Please come visit our creative space and see something different every second Sunday.
Our project is in the pear fuzz stage... It is new and exciting and I feel a sense of deep gratitude to be able to work with such amazing and inspiring women.

Hope to see you there :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

I Want to Fly

The word freedom has been resonating deep inside my soul like the buzzing whirrrr of a hummingbird wing.

I set myself free from any false sense of control.

I set myself free from the expectations I may have placed upon myself or others.

I set myself free from fears that no longer serve a purpose.

I set myself free from the opinions of others.

I set myself free from my own destructive thoughts... *you really don't have to believe everything you think!*

I set myself free to be who I am... to make lot's of mistakes and be perfectly imperfect.

I set myself free to experience joy ~ every single day, even if it only takes shape as a single flower, or a single piece of chocolate, a smile, a hint of sunshine, a soft pillow at the end of a hard day....

I set myself free to love and be loved.

Most of all, I set myself free from this list. These are gentle intentions...not expectations.
Today, I let go and fly....and see where my new wings will carry me.