Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Starry Nights and Feeling the Love

Where did the last three weeks go? Looking back, I can't remember the details, the millions of little things that had to get done... but sprinkled here and there were wonderful gatherings with friends that are so near and dear to me.

One sweet friend has this Love mug. Every time I go to her house for a cup of chai, I ask for the Love mug. I think it makes the tea taste better. I think it makes me feel better. I think that even if it is all in my imagination, I still get all the benefits.

Last night I spent the evening with three of my favourite people. We went to a Christmas magical wonderland of gardens and lights in the theme of the Twelve Days of Christmas. We rode the carousel and went ice skating under the stars while soft celtic Christmas carols played in the background. A sparkly silver ball hovered above us, sending swirling twirling globes of light all over the ice rink. It couldn't have been a more perfect night.

And now I can take a deep deep breath, and I can drop my shoulders and relax, knowing that the busy part is over. And as I make my way to my family tomorrow, everything is going to slow down... and get quiet. I look forward to doing a whole lot of nothing over the next two weeks.

Wishing all of you a most beautiful Christmas. I love you all, and I will come around to visit and send you a warm holiday hug. xoxoxo