Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Space Between

What lies behind this door, I wonder...
Is it a portal into the world of In Betweens?

Maybe you find yourself teeny tiny, skip roping across the bubbly fleshy surface of half a giant pink grapefruit...

Maybe you hang from the big hand of an old grandfather clock, tick tocking around the half hour point...

Maybe you are crater jumping as you walk, arms outstretched, along the fine line that separates the light half of the moon from the dark...

Perhaps you find yourself floating in that peaceful ethereal space between the dream state and wakefulness...

What if you woke up to find yourself reliving the day you turned exactly 23 and a half?

Maybe you find yourself hanging upside down from a tree limb, no longer a caterpillar, almost a butterfly as you patiently wait for your new wings to dry...

Or maybe, you find yourself swaddled in the vibrant glowing colour of the present, the now...the infinite sweet spot of time moored between a moment ago, and a moment yet to come....

In this precious moment, the glass is definitely half full.


  1. i have stumbled down the magic and found myself enchanted ... this is beautiful :)

  2. Oh wow! This is great...just great! definately the word...

  3. in this very moment I'm feeling greatful knowing you...your posts are twinkled with magic...makes me always feel light! :-)

    imagine being something...and a half! :-) xx

  4. What a beautiful post. Lovely, lovely.


  5. I wondered if Alice in wonderland existed. And now i know she does....i also know that she calls herself Jaime.
    Well, this is the most craziest mind i've ever seen -- and i simply love!! its so creative and beautiful.
    You surely have more than 6 senses to percieve things the way you do!
    Well keep it up!! Jaime; je t'aime!!

    NB: i did'nt see you had visited me. i have'nt updated the particular blog you came in,

    However, i keep my regular postings on the other one" From buddha's garbage sack...." That's where you'll find my regular writings.

    Would it be ok for you if i linked you to my blog list??

  6. that's a lovely description..i especially like the ntion of remembering 23 and a half. we don't always remember the non-milestones, do we? but they too can be moments of perfect clarity. after reading this, my glass will definitely be half full all the way home today...

  7. Hi
    You have a beautiful blog and beautiful thoughts (love the fact that you see the glass as half full instead of half empty). I have marked this as my favourite and will visit again and again and again. Very sad to learn about Whisky. I firmly believe there is a doggie heaven.

  8. I'm always really happy when I discover blogs like this. I love your photos :)

  9. entirely enchanting ~ a magical
    wonderland of possibility:)

    In regards to the paint chip
    color of that green ~ that is
    the studio where i study
    ~ however
    ~ darling daisies
    there ~ painted her home
    with this color and has promised
    me the color this weekend and
    i will share it with you
    and we can paint together ~

    also ~ i will be in victoria
    in june ~ we ought to get together
    for tea and spend some time
    taking photo's if you are up for it:)