Sunday, November 27, 2011

A History of Love

There is a wonderful old bookstore downtown that sells mostly used books. I especially love to go upstairs and wander along the creaky wooden floors through the many tall shelves, eyes and heart open to whatever quietly beckons my attention. All this place is missing is a resident cat.

There is one small shelf that contains really old books. Some of them have the most beautiful covers. Like this one. I had to have it... I'm known to judge books by their covers, and I really only bought this one because of the cover. I had no idea what was inside until I brought it home.

The very first page, the very first few lines brought a smile to my face...

It is the fairy forest old,
With lime-tree blossoms scented!
The moonshine had with its mystic light
My soul and sense enchanted.

Yes. I was hopelessly enchanted. This little gem is full of beautiful phrases. 
And that wasn't the only gift I found within its pages. In four different places, I found four leaf clovers, pressed within the pages oh so very long ago.

It makes me wonder who owned this book.  No doubt, she loved it.  Did she carry it with her everywhere? Did she lay in a field on a warm summer day, reading out loud the phrases that moved her, plucking clovers and tucking them into her favourite pages? Perhaps she was stowing away her good fortune for a less than perfect day. Was she in love? With one precious someone? With the world?

One clover was on a page containing this...

Immovable, unchanging,
The stars stand in the skies,
Upon each other gazing
With sad and loving eyes.

And it doesn't matter really, what page I turn to... each page is adorned with beautiful lyrics... this book of songs. I will devour it slowly. One page at a time. Perhaps there are other things hidden within these pages that I have yet to find.

If you would like to see the the critter I captured today in all her adorableness, head over here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Light Frosting

Brrrrrrrr.... it's cold out there! Unusually cold for the island. I'm no early bird, and by the time I wake up in the morning, any signs of overnight frost have already melted into oblivion. But not today.

I found a wee patch of frosted moss and mushrooms. Actually, the moss is what caught my eye.... the mushroom was a happy surprise.  A little gift from the winter faerie realm.

I am going skating this afternoon with some dear friends, which will be followed by a hot bowl of chilli and some chewy chocolatey brownies that just came out of the oven. The aromas floating around the room right now are intoxicating.

Frosty on the outside, warm and cosy on the inside... just the way I like it. November bliss.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keeping it Simple

I had the whole beach to myself today.  I guess not many people love the cool grey weather as much as I do. I feel badly for them.

It may have been a bit moody outside today, but it was a serene journey along the shoreline for my spirit... my mind was quiet. In fact, I hardly thought about anything at all. What a beautifully satisfying thing! I was deeply present with myself and my stretching landscape... looking for objects of oceanic beauty, listening to the silent spaces between the waves, feeling the odd raindrop plunk upon my head.

I felt nourished. And my creative muse came along to stomp in the waves with me as well... I had forgotten all about my lensbaby, and decided it would be a perfect tool to explore the beach with today. I love the interesting views through that lens... a little bit surreal and otherworldly.

And as it started to darken, I made my way home where I knew that a cup of sweet chai and a warm cinnamon twist was waiting for me.

It's the simplicity of days like this that allow me to thrive. I don't think I was ever meant to live a full, hectic busy life... I think if I did, I would quickly shrivel up like that leaf up there, and fall between the cracks. It's just not my style.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monochromatically Thinking

Oh, November.... I didn't think it would ever happen, but you've managed to woo me.

It seems like a slate grey, dreary month sandwiched between two colourful, magical ones. Or at least, that is what November used to feel like. This year feels beautifully different. 

There is still a riot of colour outside. Fall came late to my neck of the woods. And so, I can still weave myself between the trees, watch the leaves fall ever so gracefully and pretend it is still my beloved October. I had a hard time letting go this year. So it goes with most things in my life... I get too attached. But, as much as I love to bundle myself in the warmth of all that colour as I do my morning mountain climb, I turn away from it when my camera is in my hands. For the first time in a very long time, I find myself accepting November just as is. 

I like the grey. I'm drawn to the pale pastel hues of an understated month. I am waiting for the sun to resign itself to the fog, so I can see the world in indistinct lines and soft shapes, and feel the hush of the earth as it prepares to sleep.

Stillness is what I crave. A little bit of down time before the holly jolly, making merry mayhem sets in. 
So, November, I stand with open arms to you... accepting your quiet gifts... sheepishly wishing I had been more grateful in years past.