Monday, April 7, 2008

Liquid Sunshine

It was kind of funny. I woke up this morning with sunshine flooding my room, smiling at me, whispering at me to come play outside. The sun has been shy these days, hiding amongst the clouds, peeking out from time to time, but never for too long. As I cradled my tea cup in my hands and looked out the window, I noticed that the lawn was getting rather long. How serendipitous for me because when the sun shines on the tall grass early in the morning, it looks as though the ground has been coated with millions of tiny fairy lights. Normally I am pretty sluggish first thing in the morning, but I knew this glowing display was very fleeting, as the sun doesn't shine on my side of the house for very long. So I got my rain gear on (so I could lay down in the soaking earth and get close to my beloved subject) and ooooo'd and awwww'd as I captured the sunshine. I then came in and prepared to leave for my (almost) daily mountain trek. I was only gone just over an hour, and what should I see when I came around the house to my entrance? The lawn had been mowed!! Ha! I love it when spontaneous bouts of creativity pay off...just in the nick of time.


  1. yep, those are the best moments aren't they? when one can look back later and realise that an opportunity would have been missed had it not been acted upon at once?

    beautiful photos

  2. Ahhhh....thanks for pouring a little of that sunshine on lovely!(We've had a little snow here tonight.)


  3. I loved envisioning you all snuggled up in the grass with an artists eye going about capturing so much beauty...

    it rained today, a light Spring rain, and of course as I tilted my face towards the sky I smiled and thought of you...

    thank you for your beautiful words and your photos beyond compare.

    so much love...


  4. Hello, love your blog!

    Your description of dew is especially beautiful: "the ground has been coated with millions of tiny fairy lights." ^_^

  5. giggle - how wonderful that you could hold this moment before it was gone - your pictures are really beautiful!!!

  6. beautiful....
    dew drops...
    making our wishes seems that one little drop closer...xx

  7. stunning full of magic and possibility ;-)