Saturday, April 19, 2008

April Snow

Today is a beautiful anomaly.

Snow doesn't fall very often in Victoria, even in the coldest months, so when it does the novelty never wears off. I felt pure childlike exuberance when I opened my eyes this morning and saw giant fluffy flakes drifting downward. I took extravagant pleasure in the freedom of being able to cozy up under the warm covers on a Saturday morning...nowhere to's cold outside, why not stay warm and comfie?

But I just couldn't stay there for very long! I could here my camera hollering at me from inside the closet. I put my warm woolies on and out into the garden I went before the snow melted away forever. The periwinkle were not quite as excited as I with this one last hint of winter...but they were stunningly beautiful, wrapped in an icy coat. *was thinking of you, dear Linni*

When I came back into the warmth, I wanted to linger in this state of childlike I did something I haven't done for years. I made french toast sprinkled with, you guessed it, a very light dusting of sugary snow (icing sugar in the morning?!?!?). But not to worry...I kept the Guilt Monster at bay by making it with whole grain bread and finishing with some delicious fresh fruit.

I think I will cozy up again, this time with a good book and a warm cup of chai. Perhaps there will be enough snow later in the day to build a miniature snowman. I wouldn't count on it is after all, spring....right?


  1. I can't believe it is snowing there!!

    I loved your child-like, adult-healthy breakfast - what a balance!! Your words and photos are so enchanting! I want to come over and play and have french toast!!!!

  2. Heee...heee...I can remember being a little girl there, and running outside with my friends whenever the snow flew...always melted as it hit the ground :(

    We have over a foot of new snow here...and it's still snowing! Ahhhh....SPRING!

    I'm glad you are cuddled in...enjoying your day.


  3. :-)...thinking of you also...

    from a lover of photographing beauty...the magic of life is that we can see beauty in 'any' situation..(cannot take just one photo)

    love your 'snow' photos...guess there are more?! :-)

    big hug while you are still in your pj's...imagining you with thick stripy socks on...your curls lying on your shoulders...your hands wrapped around a cup of tea...watching the beauty outside...wishing or snow! xx

  4. I love to LOOK at snow but I'm not a fan of being out in it. Ha! It does make beautiful photos though, doesn't it?

    Your breakfast sounds delightful, especially the fruit toward the end. Mmmmmmmmm...

    Do you make your own homemade chai? I've always wanted to do that.


    KB :)

  5. we had a spring snow at easter, so i totally understand curling up with a cup of steaming chai. mmmm. you make me wish i'd rushed out to take pictures of the shocked little flowers, covered in snow. happy monday!

  6. Oh, sounds lovely- Toast and good books. What a life :) and very nice images you present.