Thursday, October 29, 2009

Light on Dark

It's almost as though it is trying to capture all the light it can before the day fades away into night. I can imagine, it slowly closes its petals and wraps itself around those collected sun rays, huddling into a tight bud to keep warm. Until the sun rises again.

While most living beings seek out and thrive in the light, I think there is much to be said for the darkness too...

Candlelight would lose its warmth if it wasn't swaddled by the night's heavy arms.

There would be no wishing on the afterglow of falling stars and no tracing satellites as they glide across the sky. The ooh's and ahh's of meteor showers would be silenced. Aurora Borealis would shy away, feeling as though her true colours were unnoticed.
The man in the moon would be lonely indeed.

Ghost stories around a campfire would lose their fright. And trick or treating would not be the same on a sunny summer evening. The spooky atmosphere, with moonlit bare branches and flying broomstick sightings would be lost. Jack O Lanterns would have no personality and would turn into mere carved pumpkins that even Cinderella would disapprove of.

I am no vampire, no nightcrawler, no nocturnal creature of the night...but I celebrate the darkness, for it has its mysterious charms.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ethereal Microcosm

The sky let out a heavy cry this weekend... a much needed release.
And if it wasn't for the darkness that the clouds cast over the forest, I just might have missed the enchantment waiting for me there.

The scene was mystical... a dim forest thick with rain and fog. But little beings were glowing all around me. Tiny tiny winged creatures, a luminescent white, fluttering around me like snowflakes caught in a current, reluctant to land.

I stopped and tried very hard to get a closer look at one as it hovered alongside me, but it was so small and sporadic in its movement. Not all of them were airborne so I peered onto a fern leaf where several had landed and discovered that they were wee little moths, in the shape of perfect hearts... no bigger than a button hole.

It's no wonder that I also happened upon this little heart a few months ago in the bark of a tree in the very same forest. It wasn't a man made heart, and it only looked like a heart if you were looking at it from the right angle ...but it too was tiny. Perhaps it was carved out by some rather curious little fireflies of the rain forest?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aging Gracefully

There is something about her that exudes a beauty that was not achievable as a bloom newly burst out of bud.

Her petals are slowly showing fine lines and the odd wrinkle or two, but the ripeness of her complexion more than makes up for it.

She stands tall, holds her head high and moves with the breeze like a symphony.

She may be aging but she is not fading. Her self assurance is almost tangible.

She is evanescent and knows the power of seizing every fleeting moment before it evaporates.

She also knows that like a full-bodied red wine, good things come with age.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh, I LOVE this...

Green beany vines that look like hearts. I would love to climb this beanstalk.

Clear night skies filled with silent winking asterisks.

Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cookies.

Standing under tall rainy dripping trees... so I can look up and watch the drops fall down, down, like tiny minnows swimming head first toward my squinting eyes.

Looking at things upside down, then right side up, then upside down again.

Scavenging the beach for smooth Saturn-like stones with mysterious rings around them.

Dog sneezes

Books of wind up birds and sugar queens and elegant hedgehogs.

The complete and utter charm that has overtaken me by a sweet little girl who loves bellybuttons. Hers and yours.

Getting a Hug in the mailbox from my thoughtful, hugable Grandma.

Deciduous trees just starting to glow. (I love the word deciduous.)

Static cling sparks in the dark.

The world just keeps infusing my soul with loveable things!