Saturday, May 3, 2008

Seven Random Things

I have been tagged (for the first time!) by the lovely Smith Kaich Jones, to write seven random things about myself, and then tag seven new people. So here are my things...

1. I love little earthquakes. (Little being the key word here, as the *big one* is supposedly coming to the west coast, and I do live in fear over this.) They are an exciting addition to an otherwise normal day. I wish I could predict when the next one is about to happen so that I could run out barefoot onto an open field and actually feel the earth quiver and roll under my toes. What would that feel like?

2. I judge books by their covers. Unless they have been recommended to me by a reliable source. It's the photographer in me...I would love to have the job of doing the photography for book covers. I've seen some stunningly beautiful images on books, and it makes me want to read them.

3. I once had a sweet little three legged hamster. His name was Tripod. Again, it's the photographer in me.

4. When I eat fish, I need to chew it meticulously. When I was young, my mom would warn me to be careful not to swallow a fish bone or I might choke. I still worry that I might choke and die, so I carefully fork through every little piece and then chew to the point of ridiculousness. One more reason to become a full fledged vegetarian...I have been living on the cusp for quite some time now.

5. I have an irrational fear of cooking for people. It's not that I can't follow a recipe...I just worry too much that someone might not like it, and would have to force themselves to finish what's on their plate, and pretend that it was really tasty. What if I cooked the one thing they just can't stand??

6. The only living creature I will kill are mosquitos, and even then I feel bad sometimes. Despite my fear of spiders, I have a designated "spider jar" that I use to remove the critters from my living space. I have been successful every time but one...the spider was so big and so fast, that when I quickly tried to cover him with the jar (this can be a clumsy act when you are afraid of them), I accidentally took two of his legs off!! I felt horrible, and had to put the poor guy out of his misery.

7. I love anything made with tomatoes, raw or cooked, but will not eat chunks of tomato in my salad.

I am feeling a little rebellious and I'm going to break the rules. Rather than tagging seven new people (I know many of you blogging veterans have done memes like this before) I will invite anyone reading this post to play along if they wish to do so. No pressure :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. giggle!

    Holy cow are we ever alike!! 2, 5 & 6 made me nod like crazy(except that it was a bumblebee I took a leg off of!) and I am also SO close to being vegetarian (only eat meat when we are out...) I have been known to burst into tears when faced with cooking for someone else -


    I loved this! Tell us more!

  2. I just adore the photo that comes with this post... it's lovely.

  3. ohhhhhhhh!!!

    tripod i just heart this

    don't know why ~ it is sweetness
    beyond belief:)

    like you:)

  4. Instead of writing seven random things I'll post one here. We had three tortoises growing up. Their names were Tubby, Tiny Tim and Happy Star. And now that I write this I realize I want to write more about the tortoises. I sense a blog entry forming ...
    thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Beautiful image. Timeless..and pastoral.

  6. that is so funny! i love earthquakes too! if you have cat or dog, you might be able to predict that there's one coming. my cat used to always act totally out of character for a couple of days before an earthquake when i lived in southern california.

    and i'm going to do the 7 random things too, even tho' you've not tagged. :-) i like that you're rebelling against the tyranny of the instructions! and thinking up 7 random things will give me something to do on the long flight to singapore tomorrow...

    happy sunday!

  7. Lovely meme! I also love tomatoes but won't eat them at restaurants. I will eat them at home, but not at restaurants. Ha! I know LOTS of people who have tomato quirks.


    Karen Beth :)

  8. I love your surealist thoughts, at times it makes me feel, there's much more reality in the things that you say....well,for example, spiders; we have a great deal in common.
    Well, i don't exactly play with them but, i learn a lots just by watching them.
    Every time i undo a cobweb i ask them to go and build elsewhere,and if at all they intended not to listen then, i'd be as stubborn as they were.

    Well, we've both been stubborn. they come back as usual and, i carefully banish them and their pow wow 's in the house.

    I admit ,spinning a web is a very meticulous and methodic job for a spider.
    i have seen it keeping its web perfectly operational,
    naturally, its life depends on it.

    But,What i've learnt most from them ,is patience.

    Well, i'd better stop for now or else i will go on - to another hundreds of words,
    and your readers will begin to wonder, whose blog this is after all....and, before such misunderstandingsare established, i'd simply thankyou for your wonderful humour and your creative mind.

    à bientôt.
    je t'embrasse!

    nb: i have another surprise for u...checkin when u 'll have time.

  9. you always make my heart and soul so happy! "Tripod" your three legged hamster! that is the best name!
    wow it would indeed be great to stand barefooted in a small earthquake in a middle of a field.


  10. i judge books by their covers too and movies :) and i am so the same way with fish, mmmmm fish ... little earthquakes scare me though, i think it is because we don't get them here so the thought of them freaks me out, tee hee

    this was a fun read : )

  11. People are more alike than they think they are :)
    This is a great exercise to do. Your answers were so refreshing and honest :)

  12. Okay...I am 4 and 6 too! Earthquakes...uh, not so much...having experienced many 'little' ones...:)

    This was fun! Thanks for sharing Jaime.