Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank You

I love looking at other people's living spaces and imagining what it would be like if I lived there. How would I decorate? Where would I put my beloved things? What colours would I put on the walls?

I walked by this old fence and felt such sadness. It looks as if it has been abandoned. If it were my fence, I would give it a fresh coat of white paint, I would adorn the steps with blooming flower pots and grow trailing plants down the rock walls. The gates would be open and welcoming. And I would invite all my new bloggy friends over to sit on the open porch in the sunshine and have home made, fresh squeezed lemonade and cupcakes. Each table setting would have a carefully handwritten message to each of you, expressing to you what I believe makes each and every one of you sparkle.

I feel so overcome with gratitude. I started this blog and thought to myself...well, it's a great space for me to express myself, and get to know myself better, a place to put my photos...and if a few like minded souls out there find me...wonderful! I wanted so much to connect.

I can't tell you how amazing this journey has been for me already! I am so grateful to each one of you for taking the time to come here and leave such beautiful messages. When I visit you, I see so much beauty and creativity and strength and honesty and I see how rich and abundant this world really is, through your eyes...it's contagious, and it inspires me to see the magic in everything that I might have passed off as being ordinary. I want to get to know you better and I hope that this is only the first stepping stone of a long and hopeful journey together...of connection and support and love.

Thank you so very much for being there, and for making me feel as though I am a welcome part of this glowing circle...you are all so radiant. Your poetry and photographs and thoughtful insights leave me spellbound.

My gate is always open to you...


  1. that is fantastic! you put voice to what i've been pondering in the back of my head all day...i think that this blog thing is the next step in social evolution...and how fantastic that we're participating in it!! i'll definitely keep coming back to read what you have to say. it makes my day that much richer...

  2. What an intriguing fence - guarding all the mysteries behind it. I have found my way to your photos & blog inadvertently more than once (via flickr or persisting stars or someone else) & must take that as a sign that your gate is indeed open. I bow to the universe here - I am adding your blog to my list of Love Its. I will be back often.

  3. awwwwwwwww ... how wonderful, absolutely wonderful :) it that were my gate, i would want to do the same and thank you for reminding me of all the beautiful things that blogging is!

    you know i have family in victoria and we even make it out there on occasion though not this year because i am going to be busy sprucing up my own gate, tee hee ... but maybe next year, we can meet and wander around, cameras in hand :)

  4. I love looking at other's houses too. I think that gate is beautiful but agree - flowing pots of flowers would be lovely. This blogosphere is a neat place isn't it?

  5. This is such a lovely blog, I only discovered it about a week ago. I love your photography. I also love looking at other ppl's living spaces :)

  6. and thank YOU honey for connecting with me.

    you are a delight

  7. i have linked in from celeste's blog this evening...
    so very happy to have found you.
    sweet blessings,

  8. wow. Thankyou. You have beautiful and honest words and that is what makes your blog so special, i love your blog and all the beauty in it. ailin

  9. This is so beautiful Jaime...and also pretty much how I feel about blogging too...
    You come into it not really sure what will come of it, and then....:)

    I still have a lot of family in Victoria too...so I am sure one day I will make it out that way too...

    Keep that gate open honey!

  10. What a beautiful post! I would love to come and sit anywhere with you, even in the darkest corner somewhere, just to sit and talk. I've really enjoyed getting to know you so much and, even in this short time of friendship, already consider you to be a great GREAT blessing in my life. You are such a wonderful and amazing light in this world. xoxoxo... Karen Beth :)

  11. "so much beauty and creativity and strength and honesty..." clearly a lot of people, myself included, come here and feel exactly the same way about your blog.

    "see the magic in everything that I might have passed off as being ordinary." - that's a most beautiful reason to have a blog, and to want to share a part of your world.

  12. Oh yes...I would come and sit with you behind your freshly painted gate !!!

    That photo is stunning though just like it is, as I love vintage anything !!!!

    And this blogging world....it really is amazing isn't it ???

  13. as mine is for you. I am glad you are here!

  14. mmmm....can I sit in the porch swing?

    or no! on the little wall along the porch with my back against the pillar...

    or maybe lying in the hammock...but no! then I'll fall asleep....mmm

    i know...I'll put on my rollerblades and move! :-)

    (when i was little we use to have a huge porch and we use to roller skate round and round....love it!)

    Yes, we'll visit and share many a story on that porch!

    I'll bring you little fairylights to string through the gate...litting the path...xx

  15. Thankyou for your open gate....i read everything that you wrote in this blog and saw the wonderful skills of your photography. The beauty of Rhayne's planet drips like a magical teardrop of light from the sky.
    I would borrow the words of a french author who says " go and deliver your cargos of light".

    Thankyou Jaime for delivering me one.
    Thankyou Jaime, for allowing me see how you understand the rain;or your silence - through the walk in the woods, the language of the waterfalls, the becoming of a flower.Or how majestic a leaf can be....
    Your planet is made up of all the sweet whispers of a beautiful mind.
    One can simply say,' Jaime ,i love you!'