Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What do you See?

Do you know what this is? I have no idea what it is. I found it on the beach and took a picture of it because I loved the colours. Maybe if I knew what it was, I wouldn't have found it so interesting.

I was teaching piano to this beautiful little boy yesterday. He opened his book and placed his hands on the keys, but he did not begin to play. Instead, he seemed to be lost in a thought. Then, as he gazed at the page, under his breath he quietly said, "It looks like Australia."
He wasn't looking at the notes on the page, but rather, the little picture above the music. Puzzled, I said to him, "What looks like Australia?" It was a watercolour illustration of a grand piano on a stage, with a spotlight shining on it. The edges of the picture did not make a solid line. There was no frame to it...just a wash of colour. He lifted his hand and ran his finger along the outer shape of the picture. He said, "The shape of it looks like the shape of Australia."

I was astonished. I have seen the insides of these music books a hundred million times, and if I were to look at them another hundred million times, I never would have seen what he saw. I love it when someone opens your eyes to a new perspective on something...especially something seemingly ordinary. Something you look at all the time and take for granted you know what it is you are looking at. I will never see that picture the same again.

This reminds me of the most enchanting post I discovered, written by Debi over at emmatree.
I was swept away by the magic of her perceptions, and felt completely inspired to look a little closer at the world. What could I begin to see that was always right there in front of me, but I never really noticed? What magical things are hidden in the ordinary...waiting to be discovered with a fresh set of eyes?

Where is my camera?


  1. Before reading the post, I thought the picture looked like a crustacean in the sand.

    The blog world is beautiful, isn't it? You, dear Jaime also offer wonderful insight and perspective with your beautiful art photography.

  2. it's really quite amazing how we all perceive the world and children cn be wonderful teachers.

    blue paint and rust and nicely rounded shapes... that's a very intriguing photograph of an object that may have meant something to somebody once... can't figure it out from what i see

  3. I agree with polona in regards to what it may or may not be :-)

    Yes, children have the most amazing way of viewing the world and I love them for it!

  4. without a doubt, that little boy will go far in life !!

  5. It continues to amaze me at how many ways there are to look and see. Life's lesson is to always look thru new eyes..or the eyes of a child who hasn't been told what it is he/she is supposed to see.

    I have no idea what it is that you've photographed..but the colors are great!

  6. Jaime - This post actually brought tears to my eyes. I just want to dance a little dance around that boy & say "yes, yes, YES!" I feel quite quivery & special at the fact that you mentioned my post. (I was wondering why all these new people were commenting on it. Now I know!)

    Thank you so much. This little blogging world itself is a magical place - you never know what you'll see around the next corner!

    Love, Debi

  7. Magic...magic...magic...It is all in what you see or don't see...

    I, too, love how children see the world around them.

    Now, as to what I see in your photo...hmmmm...I don't know...a little piece of a mermaid's lost treasure? Maybe?


  8. I hope that child keeps the same way of seeing things all his life. That is precious. It reminds me, in a funny way, of a quote I read about an art teacher explaining to his small child that he teaches people to draw at college. And the child looks at him and says, "you mean they forgot?"
    You told a story to wake us up and explore our imaginations a bit. I wish we could all see like that little boy. And how lucky to have you as a teacher :) I imagine you are very patient.

  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



    Ps: my e-mail's giving trouble.

  10. Loved your post and ur way of writing...will definitely be back.
    Straight from the heart.No fancy tricks. I love that.

  11. Ok commenting again coz I couldn't resist.....I love your blog!

    Hope and wish u like mine too...

  12. The world through the eyes of a child is amazing, no?

  13. you tell this like a tale of where i wait for the story to unfold and settle into my seat a little more comfortably. yes this is a perfect companion piece to debi's post! if we all start to open our eyes to one another's visions what might happen to our sense of what the world is...or isn't?
    he travels to australia on a piano! i love that you were able to go a short way with him on that trip. what a wonderful teacher you must be that he would let himself say this out loud, knowing you would be curious and interested in his thoughts.