Sunday, June 15, 2008

Colour Wheel

I spy with my little eye, something that is....

Red ~ Alizarin Crimson...Vermillion...domed ladybug wings...sour cherry jelly trucks and train engines...candy apples and cinnamon hearts...tart and tangy pomegranate abandoned tricycle...London telephone booths...bull's eye...chili pepper...a child's wintery cheeks.

Orange ~ Tangerine Dream...Fire Dance...peach sorbet...apricot sunsets: vast stretching hopeful skies...Witch Hazel blossoms in October...toothy jack-o-lantern smiles...gerbera daisies in a sunny corner...cracked terra cotta pots...golden saffron.

Yellow ~ Cadmium Lemon...Goldenrod...sunkissed....full moons and comet tails...lemon ice...monarch chick fuzz...buttery corn on the cob...a bumble bee...rain coats and gumboots...#2 it notes and smiley faces.

Green ~ Pistachio...Ming Jade...emerald ponds...pixie moss...swirly spiral sweet pea vines...lime popsicles...bean sprouts...sea glass...undersea kelp forests...hills soft enough to roll down...a lucky charm...spring leaf.

Blue ~ Phthalo...Cobalt...Cornflower...icy moon drops...crackled robin's egg...a mood...worn in, lived in denim ...anemones... layered sea, mountain, sky... 'once in a blue moon'...iceberg...

Indigo ~ Midsummer Night...stormy seas...mysterious eggplant...ominous thunder clouds hovering over a plain of golden wheat...starfish and sea urchins...nostalgic lilacs...beta fish in a dessert glass...lavender fields...grape jelly.

Violet ~ Egyptian Violet...romance...crushed berries...the last dreamy hour before nightfall: the sky an open canvas for painting dreams...passion plums...grapes ripening on the vine...magnolia's first blush.

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.
~ Marc Chagall


  1. fantastic photos, as always. and your descriptions--heaven. i was transported. i'm feeling indigo today, probably because of ominous thunder clouds on the horizon...

    thank you for brightening my monday with a glimpse of these beautiful colors of your world...


  2. Have always thought it would be fun to choose the names of colors - either for paint or crayon boxes. Love your descriptions..and your color wheel images. FUN!!!

  3. Oooooooo Jaime this is LUSCIOUS!!! I love it...the photos, and your words. You've got my pulse racing for my palette.:)


  4. LOVE the green one! And LOVE the quote by Chagall. He is one of my top five fave artists. Amazing work!

  5. Oh, this is just too wonderful. I am printing it out just so I can keep a copy in my purse & use these images to meditate on. (Bad grammar, I know.) I have a book I keep here in my office called "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss - it's a board book that begins "Some days are yellow, some are blue, on different days I'm different too . . ." & then describes colors & feelings - "On other days I'm other things. On Bright Blue Days I flap my wings". If you've not read it, you should try to track it down. I think you'd love it.

    I think today may be about color because I posted red pictures on my blog, and I NEVER do red. The planets are moving in synchronicity.

    Thanks so much for this.

  6. i am enchanted by your choices of colors and their matching images. this is a truly lovely post. your photos as ever are dreamy and i admire your love of words and the images that are twins to them. wow i was almost too anxious to read it and went faster than it deserved. i will take my time and reread it taking slow breaths. i am awfully glad to be home and reading your blog jamie :)

  7. I've been spending so much time on Flickr lately - playing around with mosaics and reveling in color. Your post fits with my musings and mood so perfectly. As always, your descriptions are perfect. Once again your post leaves me happy. Thank you.

  8. pure perfection.
    positively stunning.

  9. Now that is THE MOST SPECTACULAR RAINBOW I have ever seen!

  10. i'm speechless... what a wonderful rainbow in picture and words!

  11. Your photos are beautiful...and I absolutely love that Chagall quote!

  12. Wow! Spectacular!! I am speechless (which is OK, because I am typing).

  13. Colours guide our lives. Colours vibrate within our own nature offering warm and cold hugs.
    There is a whole natural world talking to us at all times.

    They say' the eyes are the windows of your soul.'..And so, i feel that colours are the seven messengers of well being to our eyes , therefore;to our soul.

    Beautiful provocations Jaime, as usual you amaze me !!

  14. This colour wheel is dazzling. As as the thoughts are go with it. I liked your descriptions of Orange and Violet best.
    "Fire Dance...peach sorbet...apricot sunsets" sounds good to me.

  15. I am stunned at ur pics and descriptions as they r beautiful.

  16. beautiful

  17. Your blog is very serene...