Friday, March 7, 2008


So many things are changing. Outside, and on the inside. I feel as though new parts of myself are opening up. I am putting myself "out there" more than I have in the past, seeking new connections; with nature, with life, and other human beings. The most exciting part, right now, is the launching of my new website! It just went live two days ago, so I welcome you to wander over and have a visit. How interesting that this new unfolding is correlating beautifully with the emergence of spring. It makes me feel so alive. :)


  1. your site is incredibly beautiful and your photography stunning :) i am in the process of attempting to put together a flash site but am about ready to throw my laptop out the window because it is no easy feat so i am super impressed with our gorgeous site :)

  2. I am sorry for my absence of late, but life has been so very non-stop.

    I came here, and smiled to see your beautiful words and photographs, and then I went to visit your website...

    Jamie? I have never, ever seen such beautiful portrait photography... ever.

    From the power and tenderness of the opening black and white photo, all the way through to the end, I had a lump in my throat and pools of beautiful emotion flooding my vision.

    I had no idea of the magnitude of the gift you so beautifully possess and share and release.

    I am humbled and overjoyed and wish you such incredible beauty and bounty and love in your life.

    you blessed me today... thank you so very, very much.


  3. oh my gosh!

    stunning, stunning, stunning photos. they take my breath away. every single one of them has me going 'WOW'