Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Easter Bunny

Happy Easter!
This is own personalised little Easter Bunny. He was not happy with me when I tried to take his picture. I tried to put him inside the flower pot, and that lasted a whole three seconds. Most of the pictures I got were of his back feet hopping out of the frame, or him turning his back to me in defiance but he allowed me to take one decent shot, and one only, before indulging himself in a flowery snack. I have a camera shy rabbit...but I love him just the same :)


  1. How positively joyous!!!

    Your Taro is beautiful indeed, and I for one would love to see the shot of him defiantly jumping out of the pot!

    Thank you for sharing this today. I just returned from a walk through my beloved field next door.
    A field with a stream that is lined with rabbit hutches hither and yon that are partially hidden by tall reeds and the remains of the Autumn leaves...
    whenever I am fortunate enough to see one hopping across my lawn I stop, smile, and consider it a gift.
    How wonderful that you share your life with such a precious bundle of wonderment.


  2. Taro a gorgeous bunny! He looks so snuggly and sweet...but obviously has a lot of spunk. It sounds like you had fun trying to get a picture of him.

    Hope you had a great Easter...

  3. awwwww ~ how absolutely adorable :)

  4. Hehee, I can so imagine him hop out with an indignant look on his face. :) What a handsome friend to have. x

  5. where did you get your bunny?

    mine died last year and
    i am looking for a new bunny ~

    i love your blog!!!
    so glad you found me:)

  6. tee he hee... zippy has turned those kind of poses into an exotic photographic art op. she turns her back, hides her head, runs for the hills...anything but smile for the camera :) Taro is so cute!!

  7. I do love the peaks you give us of Taro.