Saturday, March 8, 2008

On Chocolate and Happiness

I spent some time with a good friend today...We went to Chocolat and shared a lava cake. Now, I've had other lava cakes, but this little cake was DIVINE. What makes this particular cake so incredible, is that they put one of their dark chocolate truffles on top of the cake, and then warm it up so the truffle melts all over the little piece of decadent delight. I know my chocolate, and I have never experienced anything like it.
We were talking about the complexities of life and the relentless quest for happiness (I think the cake was the inspiration for this conversation) and she said something that made me feel all warm and gushy inside. Do you ever feel bogged down at times with a subtle guilty feeling of all the things you *should* be doing to live a happy, fulfilled life? Drink lots of water, exercise (don't forget to stretch), floss, eat 7 to 25 servings of vegetables a day...make sure they are organic, take your vitamins, get enough sleep, don't eat too much chocolate, smile more, worry less, do yoga, pilates, meditation, work on some sort of creative project, leave your work stresses at work, cut down on the caffeine, pet your cat, feed your fish....sigh...
I find trying to fill my days with these daily requirements quite exhausting. But my friend said something quite could be considered yet another thing to add to the lengthy list, but this one made me smile. She said, do something every day to make someone happy. I love that. It gets us out of *me* mode for refreshing.
You never really know how you are going to affect the people you come across. It could be as simple as a smile. Have you ever smiled at a sad and life-weary elderly person, and watched her face illuminate because someone took the time to notice her? What a powerful thing.
Maybe sharing a few photographs of my walk today will make someone out there feel a little lighter and closer to spring.
What will I do tomorrow?


  1. i love smiling at someone and having their face light up and then they smile and someone else's face lights up and suddenly there is a lightness spreading across the city ... and your spring photos make me smile because i know that it is not long before spring decides to show her colour here :)

  2. Thank you for the beautiful photographs. You have a gorgeous blog and I will be back for more. I'm in Newfoundland, Canada and I'm still waiting for spring!

  3. Oh.... Oh my. Oh my, did I ever need this today. Make someone happy today. I'm off to write a letter. Or two. For the snail mail pile.