Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Beautiful Thing ~ twenty.three

Tell me... what are the deepest wishes of your heart?

My body is yearning for stillness, so that it can hear the quiet rhythms beating like a butterfly wing against my soul. This little heart of mine is asking me to trust... to not be so afraid... to move towards anything and everything that brings about a greater sense of love, so that I may expand and become more loving. I may lead a simple life, but my heart is anything but simple. The things that have been etched upon its fragile surface are permanent and irreversible... whether they are the marks of pain or joy, they continue to shape the nature of my becoming.


  1. what a beautiful question - what are the deeper wishes of my heart...

    to get to the end of my life and be happy that i've not wasted a moment of it.

    to be present, fully, with myself - not checking out when i am scared or lonely or heartbroken.

    to be present, fully, with you - so that i can give you what you need without my own needs getting in the way

    oh, so many more things.

  2. So so sweet. So true. Words to live by. I planted some bleeding hearts in a pot a month ago. They are almost ready to see if they can make it outdoors.

    Deepest wishes of my heart? To truly love those in my life for the uniqueness that each brings. To focus on those positive and unique aspects more than their perceived flaws.

  3. Oh my goodness...this is just beautiful. xo

  4. Jaime, what a beautiful question. I had to pause to give it some thought. But I think it would be to continue to be present for every moment and embrace that I am who I am exactly meant to be.

  5. Too pretty! I have a photo very similar that I am going to post this weekend. Aren't bleeding hearts so beautiful? Mine are white too. I don't know what happened to my pink ones. Perhaps the bunnies at them! :(

    Beautiful words Jaime to go along with your beautiful photo!
    xo Catherine

  6. To lose the fear...
    To live out loud...
    To follow my dreams...
    To travel...
    To continue to enjoy and absorb every second spent with my amazing children until I am older than dirt!

  7. You have such a gift for words, my friend. SUCH a gift!

    The longings of my heart just now;

    Time. Time and space to be still and listen. Time and energy to move and groove and get things done. Time and time and time.

  8. oh my! when is your book(s) coming out!!1 This is soooo beautifully written... almost feels like a poem...something that has to be printed and paste in my read everyday....

    this little heart of mine is so in the moment...(Selfish...i think...but it feels ok to be...)

    my deepest to be a mama to many children... a house that echo's with laughter and giggles... children fighting and chasing each other through the house... art up against the walls...everywhere... my deepest deepest wish is to be a mama of many...not children that i teach...but 'our' children... to sit back at night with Marcel, to look at each other, to breath out and to know we have done our best of our children today.... mmmmm..... one of these days... xx

  9. Oh, Jamie... every single word feels like you pulled it straight out of my heart. I am also longing for good health, the ability to function normally and enjoy life as well as I can, but yes, I need stillness and quiet, courage and trust, simple and not simple, to know that even the painful things will shape something beautiful in the end.