Thursday, January 29, 2009


I passed by a rather large tree stump yesterday. Surrounding it were sweet little snowdrops, like a ring of faeries, holding hands, quietly encouraging the poor tree to deepen its roots and gather the courage to grow again.

But maybe it isn't like that at all. Maybe those pearly white blossoms are happy that the tree is gone....relieved even. Maybe they decided to take root around that lonely stump because without the shady cover of towering leaves and branches, they have a much better view of the sun?
They do bloom in January, after all. They need all the warmth they can absorb.

But personally, I would like to encourage that tree to grow. If only the sunshine that tickles the winter blooms was enough to bring a beautiful oak tree back into its magnificence.

Just like me to root for the underdog.
If the story was a little different...if the tree was flourishing and the snowdrops at its feet were wilting due to lack of sunshine, I might be singing a different tune.



  1. Giggle - you sound just like me. There always seems to be an "awwwwww..." in my world!

    I'm glad I am not the only one.

    (P.S. I only just got home from Vacation today - we'll connect soon okay?!! XO)

  2. I have always wanted to live somewhere where snowdrops grew. They are just the sweetest flower. Not being familiar with them, I cannot say whether they want the sun all to themselves, or if they would be willing to share a bit. You will have to converse with them a bit, become a friend, listen to their secrets - perhaps they'll let you know.

    :) Debi

  3. Stunning image. I'm a big fan of the underdog myself....
    Well said!!

  4. I love snowdrops. And underdogs. And your beautiful pictures. :-)


  5. I'm always the underdog rooter, too !

  6. Sometimes the big things/people that take up a lot of space have to step aside to let others shine.I can remember years ago, when I taught at a school, I just assumed that the year 7 girl who was loud, confident and the centre of attention, big sister and confidante to all,bright,organized, serious weight issues but oh-so-sassy with it, would get the class award. So did she I think.She thought she was all that and more.(The oak tree in your story).To tell you the truth I admired her ease, confidence, and social cohesion.Shock all round when the award was given by the teacher,to a quiet achiever who quietly and humbly plodded along all year with brilliant results...bit like the tortoise and the hare fable really.I've often come across "get out of my light so I can shine buddy" examples...particularly with siblings.I too like underdogs, they need to be given a break sometimes....and snowdrops are the same way as the girl who eventually received the award.

  7. i love trees but still think the humble little snowdrops deserve a spotlight now and again...
    charming image and words... but then again, they always are

  8. I was just celebrating the snowdrops budding a few days ago, unfortunately they're all buried under the snow today.

    Lovely post Jaime. Peaceful.

  9. In South Africa the snowdrops come appear in november...when i see them the first time...i jump and giggle with is as if they lift me up from the ground...and make me want to dance all day! They have this 'lightness' around/within them...that makes my heart sing!

    As for the tree...i would secretly water him...and feed him...and cheer from behind...xx

  10. Oh, I am an underdog lover, too. I always root for the dorky guy to get the girl. Remember Pretty in Pink? I was rooting for Ducky all the way.

    Wow. How did I get to a cheesy teeny-bopper movie from your lovely post?

  11. that really makes me smile :) rooting for the underdog is the story of my life. perhaps it is that thread of sameness that weaves the connection of our hearts dear girl.