Friday, January 9, 2009

I Want to Fly

The word freedom has been resonating deep inside my soul like the buzzing whirrrr of a hummingbird wing.

I set myself free from any false sense of control.

I set myself free from the expectations I may have placed upon myself or others.

I set myself free from fears that no longer serve a purpose.

I set myself free from the opinions of others.

I set myself free from my own destructive thoughts... *you really don't have to believe everything you think!*

I set myself free to be who I am... to make lot's of mistakes and be perfectly imperfect.

I set myself free to experience joy ~ every single day, even if it only takes shape as a single flower, or a single piece of chocolate, a smile, a hint of sunshine, a soft pillow at the end of a hard day....

I set myself free to love and be loved.

Most of all, I set myself free from this list. These are gentle intentions...not expectations.
Today, I let go and fly....and see where my new wings will carry me.


  1. "gentle intentions...not expectations"

    that is so powerful. thank you for sharing this list and this permission to let go.

  2. This is wonderful! At first I thought it was something I have on a relaxation CD, but no, yours is better. I'm using your list instead, and when I say these things to myself, I will keep this beautiful image in my head. So, so wonderful.

    :) Debi

  3. I have been looking forward to your words after your December silence. And so, I came eagerly to visit you. And found... peace. And a freedom of my own. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful post Jaime. I also love the part about intentions, not expectations.

    I think that it takes a lot of courage to let ourselves be loved, and to love.

  5. Happy New Year, Jaime. And happy soaring away. The sky is your limit.

  6. oh, wonderful. so... liberating.

  7. Really wonderful - what Relyn said, word for word.

  8. Beautiful words: "Today I let go and fly..see where my new wings might carry me." I think I'll take those with me throughout my day.

  9. thought of you so much this weekend...will email you...
    but reading 'where will my new wings carry me'...did you read the post of Emma Tree of things to add to your butterflies....stars...magic...

    love you xx

  10. i'm all about the wings carrying me to..... wherever it is i am meant to be. you would be be a beautifully winged creature gliding in the frosty air above the world. this makes a beautiful prayer dear heart.

  11. Ahhhh....perfection! Thank you for this today...:)

    Much love...

  12. this has helped me today... thank you Jaime :)

  13. you know what? this was just so great.
    thank you SO much for sharing it, these are things that we ALL need to remember with all our hearts. wouldnt the world be a better place if we all did these things?

  14. Awesome post! I love it, so full of honesty and insight. Love the photo, too. Thanks for this inspiration.

  15. This is'nt about flying and freedom.

    This is "FLYING"
    This is"FREEDOM"

    Can you hear the silent gliding where the wind itself becomes the wings.
    And boundaries disovling to become space.
    Is'nt all this about Love?

    ...where fear is love is'nt ;-)

  16. Jaime,
    It's always a treat to wander back and see your beautiful pics and read the words of peace and serenity. I'm sure life is not always so, but you create an oasis for the rest of us to visit.