Thursday, February 5, 2009

A View of all Universes

Look what I stumbled upon in my wanderings?
Someone has placed a chair on the edge of the world.
A perfect place to view all other universes, for when you look out beyond the edge of the world your scope of things is limitless.

You can see the ancient histories of the oceans from here...the expansive futures of the skies...and the infinite present moment of the horizon where past and future collide.

Past, present, future....which universe would you direct your telescope?

If I were to sit in this old cobalt chair nestled high on the rocks, I would point mine straight at that sliver of a horizon line, shining like a golden thread, catching the light of this very moment. I would focus carefully, allowing that light to fill my eyes and fill my soul.

It is a beautiful view.


  1. oh Caroline was here! Haven't seen her in ages xo

    How are you Rhayne? This post is glorious. Makes me feel very cosmic and connected to it all. xoxo

  2. How beautiful!!!

    Your spirit is absolutely radiant,

    Blessings of softness and peace,


  3. Oh! A blue chair! The ocean. My telescope would be pointed at the night stars of right now, because in their nowness they carry the past & future. I love the idea of that.

    Love this photo & feeling jealous of your beautiful ocean! :)

    :) Debi

  4. And this is a beautiful image and beautiful words to accompany it, as always. I'm never sure which I like better. =)

  5. and it's even a really cool chair! what a lovely thing to happen across.

  6. Oh I could totally imagine myself sitting on that beautiful chair.

  7. What a delightful post!
    Beautiful words.Picture full of stillness.
    Work of art.
    Best Wishes,

  8. Beautiful..peaceful image. Love seeing the view thru your eyes.

  9. I nee a few hours in that chair, like now !

  10. ah, to be nestled in that chair, surrounded by the gentle sounds of the ocean, one with the moment which is eternity...

  11. It is beautiful. I would just sit in the chair and savour the moment (neither the past nor the future), just the very present and immerse myself in it.

  12. When your fingertips touches the universe....the spirit of Poetry and you go for a long walk.

    i wish i could have gone along with you.
    But,a sacred moment like this, is intimate, and should'nt be disturbed.

    So i'd content myself to watch you 'catching' 'the golden thread of that light'...'to 'fill your soul'

    Very beautiful,Jaime!!

    The verb is uplifted in this beautiful meditation.
    The verb disovles like sweetness in the cup of the infinite.

    The tremedous love in these words sticks to my soul emotions.

    Love you!
    Love you for everthing....for every piece of the sky, for the strip of the ocean, for the seagulls, and for a millions unknown universes and their lingering peace in an old cobalt chair.


  13. How absolutely beautiful - both the chair and your interpretation. I'd love to sit there - I do hope you did!!


  14. i would bring an old quilt to make myself warm and comfortable and then i would settle in and let the sky take me to all those places, past present and future. beautiful blue image and it is wonderful to imagine you looking at that silvery horizon, watching your eyes fill with gold.

  15. Fantastic! I could most certainly spend a good long while in that chair...:)

  16. Oh, Jaime. Your images make me sigh in contentment. Your words make me long for the perfect phrases to tell you just how talented I think you are. You aren't just gifted, dear one. You are a gift. To so many of us. Thank you for sharing your heart and your talents here with us.

  17. What a nice place to sit and wonder, as you have done.
    I think that I would point the telescope toward the past. I have recently been looking into old homesteads, houses abandoned and lonely, and wonder what the voices were resounding within the walls; and what lives lived outside the walls -- out there in the yard.
    Sometimes I find clues too!

    A beautiful blog you have here; thanks for brightening my day.