Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pear Fuzz

Newborn babies are often covered in a delicate coat of fine hair affectionately known as peach fuzz. Did you know that baby pears are fuzzy too?

I took this picture back in July and fell in love with this sweet little pear, but for some reason I never posted it. Maybe it wasn't time.

But now, in this sleepy month of January a new heart connection is born.
A new collaboration.
A new inspiration.

We call ourselves The Four.
Four wonderfully unique Canadian women who have come together to create something beautiful. Every two weeks, one of us will present a challenge to the group. We will each take a photograph that reflects our own personal expression of that challenge and post it on our new blog.

Please come visit our creative space and see something different every second Sunday.
Our project is in the pear fuzz stage... It is new and exciting and I feel a sense of deep gratitude to be able to work with such amazing and inspiring women.

Hope to see you there :)


  1. It is 6 am & I
    have been up for an hour - so unlike me, but Maggie tugged me awake early this Monday morning. When I found your lovely, insightful comments on my blog, I knew I would find a new post here, so I am here first & quite happy. I am excited for you & The Four & cannot wait to see what this year unfurls for y'all, and, luckily, for us also. YAY!!!!

    :) Debi

  2. making me feel all warm and
    fuzzy working with you:)

    sending you a long e-mail now
    because you must come over for
    my mexican evening with darlene
    and duke and meet my lovely
    friend Catherine:)

    that photo is entirely beautiful
    ~ tender.....

  3. i love this, warm and fuzzy pear fuzz, tee hee

    hugs and love


  4. What a sweet, snuggly looking pear! :) I LOVE the new blog...I can't wait to see what you all have to post next.

    Much love to you Jaime...

  5. oh, this pear baby looks so full of promise :)
    will be looking forward to your new project

  6. I am so excited for you four and your new venture. I am excited for us, too, as we get to share it with you. Thank you for that. What lovely company you do keep.

  7. That is very exciting about the new blog. Congratulations! I didn't realize that pears had fuzz, probably because I don't like pears. =) A very lovely image.

  8. oh yeah, i'll be there

  9. OMG I don't think I've ever seen a baby pear before. I'm in love!
    Nice to meet you, I'm a friend of Maddie's and I just wanted to introduce myself. Your new collaboration is lovely!

  10. like gillian i have never seen a baby pear but leave it to you to introduce me to something so utterly charming. lovely from my lovely :) i will very much enjoy your new group venture and look forward with delight in my own participation:)
    smooch, hug