Friday, May 23, 2008

How Many?

Sometimes I feel a lot like this little chive blossom when I am in a quiet space, tucked in tight, hidden away from the constant chaos of the world. And there is such chaos...all the time. So many things happening, all at the same time...

How many people in the world are looking up at the same moon, feeling connected to everyone else that might be star gazing this night?

How many are saying goodbye for the very last time?

How many, in this very moment, are being given a life threatening diagnosis? How many are doing something wild and crazy...brave and fulfilling because they know their time here is very limited?

How many people are climbing trees right now? What would be the ratio of kids to adults? How many can't get down?

How many are kissing, yawning, tripping, hiccuping, sneezing? If everyone sneezed in the same direction, all at the same time, would the clouds suddenly skim across the sky?

How many people are saying the words, "That's so funny!" or "I'm sorry." in all of their various and beautiful languages?

How many really bad singers are belting out their favourite tunes in their cars or showers, blissfully unaware that someone might be listening? How many think they can be a superstar?

If you were to stop time, just for one second, and count all of these random things happening around the world, you would be able to come up with a finite number. How interesting.

On the flip side, what is happening in the world right now that will only happen once? One of those crazy coincidental fluky things that will never ever happen again?

Come to think of it, you can imagine any scenario and somewhere on this planet, it is probably happening.

All of this thinking inevitably leads me to many people are thinking these very same thoughts?


  1. :) uh huh ... yes ... most definitely. love this.

  2. Lovely post that highlights just how interconnected we really are :-) And a lovely photo too!!

  3. This is terrific! I do often think like this....:)


  4. "How many people are saying the words, "That's so funny!" or "I'm sorry." in all of their various and beautiful languages?"
    Love it. This is so true, all the time.
    I wonder the same things.When I'm happy, I'm vaguely aware that someone in the world- actually many somebodies- are suffering.
    It makes me appreciate my happiness a bit more. But then, when I'm unhappy, I feel envious of all the happy people... Strange how we're self centered like that.
    This is very thought provoking. The world is always moving and changing and there's so many of us that there are any number of possibilities happening at the same time all over the world.

  5. oh what a great thought!!

    how many people are laughing out loud at the same time? wow its amazing.

  6. This is brilliant...I love how you 'wonder' about things...I also notice in your photo that even though you are tucked away..there is a softness and serenity around you that comforts..? and cuddles you...all the time! xx

  7. aaachooo!!!! did that cause an avalanche of clouds? this is a lovely and quirky post to accompany another of your ethereal photographs rhayne. such a wonderful mix of humor, spiritual reflection and random questions. you took so many turns left and right that i had to hold onto my seat! loved the ride :)

    thanks for your tripod advice..i simply must at least place it in an upright position at some point to see what the ultimate photo will look like! duh.
    your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

  8. It helps to ask these questions, especially to diminish the lines between self and others. Asking yourself the questions can be even more enlightening.

    I love the bud. You capture these stillifes that make me wonder what you find in your own.

  9. I wonder these same things all the time - who in this world is doing what at a particular moment. It is powerful to consider, huh?

  10. since i'm reading this murakami book, i've been thinking about the bit you refer to at the beginning...being in a place that's hidden from all of the chaos of the world. in the book, the main character find that place by hiding down a well. while i don't want to do that, sometimes i do want to shut out all of the noise of the world...and all of the things going on all at once! i think we're lucky that our brains don't make us take that in ALL of the time. :-) but i do like to think about all those bad singers, singing at the top of their lungs as they drive or shower...very thought-provoking post. and i do so love your close-ups. i need a new lens. :-)

  11. Delightful photos and a wonderful place you have here. Have bookmarked you for further visitations. :)

  12. i'm just stopping by to say good morning. i saw you had been over to visit debi at emmatree and appreciated your healing thoughts.
    your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

  13. wow you have asked all those questions that i too constantly ask.

  14. Your questions are only as you are.....beautiful!!

    You have a way of connecting us to the child in us.
    Your questions are like a hand hooked around my waist while the other points to something unique in the ordinary.

    How do you do that,Rhayne??

    it makes me wonder if piano notes influence the right brain?

  15. This is so amazing. For some reason, it reminded me of St. Exupery's book "Wind, Sand & Stars", where he talks about a man dying, and how when a person dies, all the memories that belong only to that one person on Earth are gone with him. How even if we've all experienced the same exact things, we've never expereinced them exactly the same. That each moment is ours alone. Etc., etc. etc. Very, very deep for a Monday holiday. And PS - absolutely gorgeous photo, as always. And another PS - thanks for the thoughts on my blog. They made my cry, but in a good way - I needed to hear them.

    Love, Debi