Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Flippers and Fuzz

I just had to share this.

I saw the first baby ducks of spring over the weekend. I have been trying to get a good picture of a duckling for years now...I must have taken about thirty shots of this little guy and his adorable siblings and every single one, except this one, was blurry. They move too stinking fast!!! They shoot around the pond like little fuzzy yellow comets, peeping a happy tune as they go. So cute watching them try and catch flies. Their little propeller feet can really move!

There is another pond I love to go to in spring because it gets completely covered in lily pads, so thick you can't see the water. I could camp out there all day watching these balls of fluff scurry across the lily pads with their teeny webbed flipper feet. I'm sure I will have more pictures to share once I make it out to the lily pad pond. If one will hold still long enough for me to take his picture!


  1. Oh, what a adorable shot! I have an aunt who lives over on Mystic Lane...in Saanich. There is a gorgeous pond that is always filled with ducks...and lily pads...:)


  2. That's a beautiful photo.. what an adorable duckie :)

  3. What a stunning photo. Love the pale yellow baby fur..on the dark green waters.
    I've never had any luck with ducklings this young!!
    Nice work!!!!

  4. Hello!

    Thank you so very much for your visit... what a lovely morning this has been! I expected to come into work as usual, and instead I have taken a glorious walk with baby ducks, enchanting fauna, beautiful gates... *sigh...


    You have an amazing eye, and a generous spirit to share it so freely with us. Hmmmmm, I believe I will have to visit often.


    Have a beautiful day!

  5. i love capturing those cute little fuzzy beauties ... this is so absolutely adorable!! :) stunning photo :)

  6. What a sweetie! I remember taking a friend's son out on one of the lakes here in our area - we were on a wet bike, moving very slowly & as quietly as possible, and a mama duck and a row of babies swam right past us, much to MY delight AND little Southern's.

    Terrific shot. Patience paid off for you.

  7. Wow! That is a really beautiful photo! Aren't they just adorable??

  8. If everyone looked at life with the same enthusiasm as you do.....
    This would make us a great deal richer within ourselves.

    Your words and photos takes me to the daily miracles of life.
    i have seen a dewdrop through your eyes, a have heard a leaf whisper through your ears, i have seen the awakening of the universe through your mind.
    i have seen peace lying gently in your laps.

    And now,This little duckling in the pond teaches me the basic lessons of life.

    thankyou my dear gardien angel photographer.

    could only love you more and more everyday.

  9. How sweet. Thanks for sharing this. Can't believe only one of them came out properly! Those ducks are clever; they avoid fame.

  10. i have no words for that shot. He is in his own water nest. It's as if spiritual ringlets are radiating from his little body, and i have been touched by one. Nature is my goddess, my mother, my teacher, and i am glad you can capture these moments so expertly!

  11. Who ever said "ugly duckling", this little guy or gal is the cutest.