Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beautiful Sarai

You are a new little person, my sweet little niece, and although you have only been in this big wondrous world for not even a month, you have been born into so much love.

I am still in awe that you are here and that a new relationship is about to bud between you and I.

What will it be like to hold you for the very first time? To connect with you through smiles and giggles and the softest touches? What will it be like to watch you grow from a tiny baby to a walking talking little being with ideas of her very own?

What will we do together you and I? Maybe we will throw your parents out of the house and transform the living room into a giant fort with heaps of blankets and pillows and hide for an afternoon reading adventure stories and sharing secrets...munching on extra chocolate, chocolate chip cookies we made ourselves?
Maybe we will adorn ourselves with colourful flamboyant hats, paint flowers on our fingernails and have distinguished garden tea parties.
We could investigate puddles like mad scientists on rainy days and chase our shadows across open fields on sunny days.
We could discover entire universes inside a tidal pool or a dew drop and marvel at the mystery of it all.

There is so much I want to share with you sweet Sarai.

What will it be like to watch you grow and mature into a beautiful young lady? What passions will bloom out of you? What paths will you take and what adventures will you choose to fill your days and months and years with all that the world waits to give to you?

Whatever you do with this new life of yours, I want you to know that I will always be there for you. I will be someone in your life that you can always turn to , to offer you an ear, a hug (lots of hugs) a laugh or a cry. I will be there to show you just how beautiful your soul is and how colorful your wings are.

I love you so much.

xo your Auntie J


  1. Dear Sarai,

    Welcome to our wonderful, wonderful world. I wanted to tell you that you are one blessed little girl. You have been given an Auntie that most girls dream about. She'll teach you about magic and how to find it everywhere you look and how to make it with your own dreams and words. May your life be sweet and full of both quiet moments of contentment and loud, colorful moments of wild joy. Welcome, little one.

  2. Dear Sarai,

    Welcome! I love your name! I hope your life is filled with joy and beauty and wonder.


  3. Jaime & Sarai - Welcome to your new relationship. What joy awaits you both! I should know - I have only one niece, and she is the light of my life. She would tell me stories of magic when she was younger, she would play games in which she was never the witch, devising new rules daily. At 7, I taught her to do crossword puzzles while sitting in a hospital waiting room - she has taught me that my heart is so much more fragile than I thought, but also strong.

    The adventure begins. Chapter 1.

    :) Debi

  4. welcome to the world baby and to you, auntie j...blessings !!

  5. oh a brand new baby bursting
    with curiosity and worlds to
    explore with a beautiful and
    magical Aunt ~

    enjoy the Mary Poppins years with
    the little one :)

    (and it's very important to throw
    the parents out while you
    investigate adventures)

  6. Sarai, you are so lucky to have a wonderful Aunty. Maybe one day, sometime soon, because time does fly, both of you will snuggle up and read this very post and smile.

  7. Welcome, Sarai!
    My life got derailed but I'm trying to climb back on board, thus catching up with reading favourite blogs.

  8. welcome to this world, sarai.
    i'm sure you and your auntie will have many a great time together.

  9. Oh, I am sure you and Sarai(what a gorgeous name, by the way...)are in for many a magical moment...:-)

    Thank you for sharing your joy...


  10. What a beautiful post. Sarai is lucky to have an aunt as creative and sweet as you!!!