Sunday, May 3, 2009

All Curled Up

Like a locket of hair, a ringlet curl tickling a soft cheek.

Like a seahorse tail, curling and unfurling as it dances and enchants.

Like a winding hidden lane, cozy amongst the trees, enticing the wanderer to see what's around the next bend...and the next...

Like the head of a cello, its beautiful curvature swaying to a haunting melody.

Like the trunk of a baby elephant, curiously exploring its new sensory world.

Like a breaking wave, its thunderous echo calling to the sea birds overhead, spiraling above as though lost in an airy whirlpool.

Like sweet pea vines and butterfly tongues. And toes curled as they touch down on a carpet of dewy grass.

Can you curl your tongue?


  1. Oh my! How do you do that? Yes, like all of those! And yes, I can curl my tongue. I giggle as I catch myself doing just that in the mirror next to me.

    :) Debi

  2. no...but I do curl my toes and my hubby comments on it all the time and I never even notice I'm doing it !!!

  3. so much beauty :-) and yes, i can i can :-)

  4. stunning!

    (oddly, yes--i can curly my tongue)

  5. I was all set to work hard to find a beautiful curl you hadn't mentioned. Then, I ended up laughing at your question. Yes, I can curl my tongue. I can make a three leaf clover with it, too. Can you?

  6. yes i can :)

    and so many soft curves gently touching the senses...

  7. My favourite is a happy wagging curly tail of a doggie.

  8. Wonderful pictures!!!

  9. I don't know how you do it, coming up with these written visuals, but I see each of these in your photo. Beautiful post, as always.

  10. Can't say that I can curl my tongue..but I'm certainly enjoying the curls in these images. Exquisite beauty..paired with equally beautiful words.

  11. stunning images!
    i have my tongue and my toes curled as i write this, and the curls in my hair coming into my eyes.

  12. Sigh, a breaking wave.
    Your photos are glorious. And no, cannot curl the tongue.

  13. i can only curl my tongue on the inside of my mouth with the help of my teeth :) 9 looked at and read this post from my reader when you first posted it and felt calmed and delighted at your presence in the world.
    thank you for your loving thoughts and care my dear friend.
    xoxoxox to you

  14. Writing poetry about curls....

    Can my tongue curl.
    Well,it depends where it is...maybe around a bonbon ;)