Saturday, April 4, 2009

Between Lovers

I've spent some time away with my Love, wandering into vast and rugged spaces and savage oceanscapes. We explored stones and dying seastars, lost ourselves in the kaleidoscopic colors inside mussel shells, and stood over the ocean as the wind stretched clouds across the open sky.

We gazed up tree trunks, 800 years old and were humbled by their beauty, wisdom and silent essence...they are like soft bristle hairbrushes swaying through the clouds, gently untangling the rain droplets as they fall to scent the earth in freshness and renewal.

We watched cottonball snowflakes swirl in windy frenzies as we took silence by the fireside.

We explored tantalizing tastes in cozy Shelters and indulged in the sweetest and richest of chocolate treats.

How quickly I have become so longingly nostalgic of this favourite place of mine with this favourite soul of mine...for our souls mingled with the soul of the landscape, and we will forever be a part of it, as much as it is a part of us.


  1. I read this with that love scene from Braveheart playing in the background - the one with William Wallace and the French Princess of Wales, its beautiful music the perfect accompaniment to your words. I am quite speechless otherwise - this is wonderful, it is wonderful to read you again, wonderful to know how happy you are.

    :) Debi

  2. While I didn't have Braveheart music playing in the background, I am in total agreement with Debi. What a wonderful post, with wonderful words and images. I've missed them.

  3. you have been missed and now I see why....

    these photos and your words completely warmed my heart tonight....thank you

  4. Yes, was wondering where you had disappeared. Am happy for you.

  5. Places such as you visited, do the soul the world of good. Lovely photos.

  6. Great to see you back. What beautiful, beautiful photographs and words Jaime.

  7. Its good to see you back. Even better to see why you were gone. Your post was mind soothing. Thank you for the shared images and words~

  8. Love capitalized. That is the reason we have seen little of you and we all who love you agree there could be no better reason than that :) XO such romantic images, your photographs and your words create in my mind! always, always you offer us such a gift beauty!
    kiss kiss
    hug hug!

  9. Jaime. Jaime's back! I was so excited to see that you'd come back to this spot which I cherish. Gladder still when I learned why you've been gone. How wonderful that you've taken time with your loves. Your places, your quiet, your person. Thank you for coming back here and sharing your beautiful heart again. I've missed it.

  10. my beautiful friend,
    there are times I come to visit you here and the magnitude of what you share, and feel, leaves me so incredibly full that I am momentarily overwhelmed and at a total loss for words.
    I've thought of you so often in March, as I remembered and hoped upon hope that your 'visit' and your heart were still being lovingly tended to...
    I smile so when I see your smile, and I close my eyes and listen to the opening of my soul when I return to the tender sound of your voice and the secrets cradled across the continent.
    You make such an incredible difference in this world, and your heart is indelibly fused upon mine for eternity.
    You are treasured and cherished and deeply loved.


  11. im very glad you are back!

    wow. everything you did, sounds just so amazing!
    im in awe, and am a bit jealous, in a good way ;)

  12. You have such a way with words. Such a beautiful post..and accompanying images. Excellent!

  13. Gorgeous images...beautiful words....


  14. This is just filled with so much deliciousness, love and divine-ness. oh my, it reminds me of a miniature little breath of fresh novel.

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  16. Beloved Jaime,

    If sweetness is'nt your other name what else could it be.

    Such a beautiful testimony of love. Every phrase is a delicate chain of radiant pearls held between the fingers of love's own fingers.

    How i love the things you say , both in words and pictures !!
    How lucky is the man who recieves your love.

    i hope he realises day after day the preciousness of it!!

    Soft soft kisses to you!!
    mountains of them!!


  17. Is the Love a person or are you talking about Photography?

  18. nevermind, camera's cant taste chocolate! :p

  19. you can FEEL the love in
    your images

    stunning and poetic and alive