Monday, November 10, 2008

Trees on Fire

A tangerine and russet cascade
Of kaleidoscopic leaves
Creates a tapestry of autumn magic
Upon the emerald carpet of fading summer.

~Judith A. Lindberg

Last time I was still in the green. But really, truly... I love Autumn most of all. So before the last leaf falls, I come here to celebrate what I most adore during this time of year...

Apple crisp ~ Sure, apples are available all year round in any grocery store, but I only crave apple crisp when it is crisp outside.

A walk through crunchy leaves, hands curled around a mug of tea or cider, red rosy cheeks and a colourful scarf to match.

Wind storms ~ trees dancing a wild flamenco, casting off leaves into swirling funnels to provide a better view of the stars.

Nesting ~ cleaning house and preparing for a cozy hibernation indoors as the days get shy and the nights prominently step in.

A moving inward. I find that I seek novels and movies at this time that have more depth... stories that pull you in and cling to your attention as you forget the realities of the day.

Staying in bed just a little bit longer. As far as I'm concerned, if it is still dark outside, it is still nighttime ;)

Making homemade soup and basking in the hearty aromas as it simmers and bubbles, taunting you to have a little taste.

Colour, colour and more colour! Nothing else can brighten a November day better than a tree on fire.

I must go capture more of its delights before the gold turns to white...


  1. This is pretty wonderful. It's chilly here today & rainy outside & the early darkness really does beckon you inside to the warmth of homemade soup & blankets around your toes & shoulders while you watch long, long movies or read long, long novels. :) I, too, have watched the rain of leaves & the tree branches emerging & the fast movement of clouds across the night sky, stars peeking through here & there. Winter waits in the wings.

    Love this!

  2. Magnificent,

    The images you create here, of flamenco leaves and the soft passion of autumn.

    Your photography is ethereal and your words dipped in the warm tenderness of your soul.

    Thank you,

    With love, Maithri

  3. Again, both photos and your words and excellent. Love the fall color.

  4. as always, your photos are stunning. you make me want to stir up a big pot of velvety orange pumpkin soup and settle in under a quilt. time for nesting indeed...

  5. How I love coming here... sitting for a spell to just drink you in.
    Everything is so beautiful, so poetic, so uniquely 'You'...
    I gather peace and strength from your uncomplicated visions coming from such a beautifully complicated girl...
    I went to your other 'home' the other day as I was missing you. I cannot even put into words how powerfully you resonate within each photograph that you take...

    A tear ran down my cheek as I realized that my hearts deire would be to get on a plane, to see you and hug you and spend time with you, and then for you to capture in me the beautiful things it is so hard for me to see.
    And I know in my heart you totally understand it all.

    love to you today Jaime... xoxo

  6. gosh, your words almost make me love this season which is not at all my favourite...

  7. Mmmmm.....hhhhmmmmm....I'm just trying to catch up with all my favorite blogs...Naturally I'm hear drinking in all this wonderfulness...


  8. Beautiful, beautiful colour!

  9. Soothing, as always Jaime. Even your fire soothes instead of burning us.

  10. Your photos and your words are magnificent.

  11. Exquisite color. Both your images and your words are pure poetry!!!

  12. A lantern scintilates through millions of cells in your autumn leaves.

    They are lit with none other than your own light.....and i can only watch you in awe.

    While the God of colour and the angel of silence watches intently how the mellow flames of love stirs in your eyes,a rainbow comes from an unseen universe and leaves a part of its heart.

  13. Yes, yes, yes and yes! I've been craving and meaning to make apple crisps lately. Hopefully, with the apples off of my tree before the frost gets them for good.
    And the moving inward. Funny, I had been reflecting on how autumn does that to me more so than any other time of year. I was fixing to write a post about that!
    And m'gosh, I've been in bed past 6:30 a.m. lately which is LATE for me!
    And soups. I crave them and make them often as the autumn comes and goes into winter.
    My favorite season of the year.
    And I love the orange colors from the image of the Japanese Maples next to the blue blue blue of your banner! What a great color combo!

  14. ahhh I love these photos. You capture the pure essence of nature. It's Spring here now, but when Autumn comes along I will remember this post. You make Autumn sound so yum!! ;)

  15. Yummy post! All the reasons I love fall. I just made some pumpkin bread and homemade soup...

  16. It is beautiful. It is getting nippy even in Bangalore, India. I intend spending my Saturday with friends, perhaps having a bowl of yummy soup at lunch.
    Have a nice weekend.

  17. You paint word pictures as beautifully as your photographs. What a gift you have. I am longing to snuggle under a cozy throw next to a roaring fire and read your first Blurb book. Soon, please.

  18. soft and beautiful all of this was to soak in.....

  19. Your words and images let me know with great certainty that you are a beautiful person!

  20. these are stunning ~ just stunning, sigh

  21. These pictures are so gorgeous. Love 'em!

  22. this is one of my favorite blog posts ever. i mean ever including all over the internet. this is poetry at its best my friend. each words, each phrase and sentence you crafted creates an image of perfection to match. and in such conversational language that we can all feel like we are in a conversation with you. stunning photographs, fun images and always so pretty!