Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pearl Drops

I didn't go looking for the rain...or the green.
I went in search of golds and ambers, rusts and ochres... the brilliant hues that make Autumn blaze and smoulder. The lingering afterglow of summer.
But instead, I was completely taken with the green.

On the mild west coast, Autumn is a season of rain. And the rain brings the green again. While the earth's flora and fauna prepare to settle into the quietness and sleep of the enduring winter months, some beautiful things are emerging as though we've leapfrogged right back into spring. I think I have fallen in synch with nature this time around....I feel as though the green is emerging out of me. New feelings, new callings, new dreams are flourishing within me just as the moss and baby ferns are absorbing the pearly raindrops and awakening again after a long dry summer.

Maybe next time I will share the colours of Autumn that I love so much and certainly haven't ignored.
But today, I am all green.


  1. 'green' with envy over your photographer...and oh! you talent to put everything in such gorgeous! poetic words! xx

  2. You didn't go looking for the rain, but it was there waiting for you, and you saw it & accepted its gift. I'm sure the rain smiled.

    Love this.
    :) debi

  3. perfect greens. i love the tiny drops clinging to the edges of leaves as if winking at you

  4. so beautiful, especially to me right now as there is a distinct lack of green going on over here ... white stuff soon :)

  5. Images that speak of the quality in a coffee table book. Gorgeous. And I love that you take me with you on the trek that you set out for.
    Looking forward to the fall images to come!

  6. Altho the rich colors of autumn have been calling me...I have to say it is very nice to see some cool green again. Lovely images.

  7. mmmmm green, mmmm nature. beautiful words and photos.
    have a magical day!

  8. Hello my beautifully complicated 'green' girl :)

    Everything about you is beautiful, and your pearl drops resonate so deeply in me today as I drop a tear here and there over the path that lies before me.

    I love you dearly, so dearly


  9. such a stirring juxtaposition of words and pictures!

  10. I'm eager to hear your new dreams. Or maybe, to see them?

  11. It's beautiful the way you let your soul be with what is.

  12. You really do have a way with words. And photograpy, too! Excellent, both.

  13. Wow!!

    Your words have come like a sweet fragrance into the room this spring afternoon...

    to "Feel the green emerging out of you"

    What a gracious and eloquent thought,

    Heres to the greening spirit of life,

    To the new day that is ours,

    Much love, M

  14. such beauty - thanks for capturing it and sharing it

  15. How lovely...I am captured by your photos once again. They are very healing...

  16. i am finally here for a long and leisurely visit. i have been so far behind on everything in my life recently...yet i have thought of you often :) i know exactly what you mean about leapfrogging back to springlike green. this very thing happens in oregon all the time and it is a happy thing to watch! The plants are all mixed up going forward and backward in time. all i need do is take a shears to a plant and whoooosh! it tries to re-grow itself anew. "didn't go looking for green"...no but as always the subject found you rather than you finding it.