Sunday, November 30, 2008

Moving into Silence

When words become unclear,
I shall focus with photographs.
When images become inadequate,
I shall be content with silence.

~Ansel Adams

The fires of Autumn become extinguished as December approaches with frosted windows and sparkly wonders. It is a month of loving, believing and journeying to the heart of childhood. We become alchemists of memory...reminiscing the old and creating anew.

And for me, it is a time of quiet reflection and peace. An opportunity to express myself to you through silence....and images. No words will be posted here throughout December, but I will be sharing glimpses of my visual world as I capture them from day to day.

Beautiful Darlene has brought back December Views, and I am blissfully taking part. May you find yourself swirling in the magic of this month of cinnamon comforts and sugarplum sweetness. I wish you a most enchanting December.



  1. Hello beautiful friend,
    My time away from home spent up North with family was a wonderful respite from daily life and all it entails, but it left me thinking of you constantly.
    November went whizzing by at light speed, and at days end it had me wondering in which direction I was facing... but it was thoughts of you and others that I hold so dearly in my heart that always reminded me of our true direction which is forever forward.
    You have been deeply missed, deeply loved, and never forgotten.
    I am so looking forward to December and it's quiet, as I'm certain you are too.
    Together may we stand side by side, hand in hand, and say "Welcome home sweet December... welcome home."
    I can hardly wait to see the beauty that your December will bring.
    So much love to you my dear Jaime, so much love.

  2. alchemists of memory, i love that notion. beautiful words, as always, but i will enjoy your december images as well.


  3. I can't wait to "see" December through your eyes - It WILL be enchanting!!


  4. What a wonderful tribute to December - that busiest of all months. Moving into silence. And this image is one of lovers or dancers - one holding the other. moving together. Into silence?

    Love, Debi

  5. :) beautiful ... i am so glad you are participating in december views, xo

  6. Will miss your magical words...but am looking forward to seeing December unfold thru your lens. Gorgeous cinnamon colors in this image!

  7. what a delicious photo to announce yourself here for this month.

    i am so looking forward to seeing through your lens once more

    :) and sunshine to you

  8. i just love this quote...
    and it's so perfect as we head into this month of quiet reflection.

    i looking forward to sharing in your december views, beautiful you.

  9. I shall miss your words, but will soak up your images. Both are wonderful here.

  10. i will wait and watch as you reveal yourself this month... through your images. it will be interesting to see and wonder what words went through your mind as you selected and posted for us. like helen keller you will be trying to communicate your desires, hopes and dreams :)

  11. Rhayne,

    Darlene's idea is a beautiful one and it obviously resonates with so many. But, I have to tell you. When I read that you were going silent, I was so disappointed. Your words are such gifts. Poetry. I will miss them. However, I always love your visual poetry. So I am content. Be well, my friend.