Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Heart List

I received a wonderful little award from the ever beautiful Debi this week, which left me feeling very grateful... so much so, that I wanted to make a list of some of the things that leave my heart overflowing with love...

~I explored a beautiful wetland at dusk this week with a new friend. This place is so green. So peaceful late in the day when the sun is low in the sky, casting a soft warm glow over the water and all of its inhabitants. We heard popping sounds coming from under the algae on the surface of the water and later discovered that it might have been from giant bullfrog tadpoles! I wish I could have looked under the surface at one of these mammoth tadpoles. I've only seen little ones.

~ I have been reading Calvin and Hobbes, given to me by this wonderful woman. She sent it to me at such a perfect time...right during the stressful part of June, and gave me much needed comic relief and comfort as I drifted off to sleep at night. It really is the simplest things that offer the most comfort.

~ Joan, you beautiful beautiful are back! You are so radiant. So full of love. I can't tell you how big my smile was when I discovered, through a gorgeous little butterfly, that you had come home to us. Welcome back, my dear friend. I missed you so much.

~ If you are a lover of photography (or elephants!), I urge you to take some time to visit this incredible website. Thank you Maddie for inviting me into this exquisite world, and Carol, for bringing it back to me once again. I have never seen such beautiful photography.......ever. It brought me to tears.

~ I went back to the grocery store yesterday, and saw the woman in the red car...AGAIN! What are the chances? Are we cosmically linked? Is the universe reinforcing something here? Trying to get my attention? By the way, I did wear a cute little red top the day after I saw her and felt so alive!

~ I saw a batch of baby spiders hatching from a potted plant. I am not a spider lover, but I will admit, they are pretty cute when they are this little. One plant over, I noticed that one of these tiny babies had already set up shop! A perfect miniature web, just his size. How do they know how to do this all on their own? I'd hate to think what would happen though, if a fly ran into this little piece of perfection. I think this web was only big enough to handle fruit flies.

~ Dear Robin, I am thinking of you this week as I prepare to look after a sweet little dog (her name is Suzie) for the next three weeks. You might be hearing from me, asking for some motherly advice. I wonder if she likes brooms as much as little Zippy does? So sweet. I just love your blog, your adorable little puppy and your beautiful garden. You provide us with such a friendly and inviting space.

~ Sweet Leonie...thank you so much for sending me Louise Hay's movie, You Can Heal Your Life. It couldn't have come at a better time. What a precious gift.

~ Much love and gratitude goes to all of you wonderful souls that come to visit and leave such beautiful footprints behind in your comments. I adore you all so much, and feel as though my life has been so enriched with your beauty and creativity and your heartfelt posts. You inspire me each and every day.

~ And to the one who has my heart. This list would not be complete without you. You are a ray of sunshine, casting so much love and light and warmth into my heart. You amaze me in every conceivable way.

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

~Marcel Proust


  1. You inspire us too, lovely one. Thanks for the words :-)


  2. ah what a beautiful post Jaime. You always make me appreciate life just that little bit more with your inspiring posts :-)

    And the photo is also beautiful!

  3. Beautiful post. You are totally inspiring.

  4. Thanks Jaime! This lovely post...and the little bit of sunshine peaking through the clouds here have set my Monday morning off to a beautiful start. :)


  5. sigh.......deep breath....sigh.... you are such a sweet friend, always gracious and generous with your affection. the images you create with your descriptions...(baby spiders making baby sized webs fit for fruit flies...) make me smile with such delight.

    if little suzie seems a bit lonely she is welcome to call up zippy on the telephone and have a wee girlfriend chat. but then she won't be a bit lonely since she has you to whisper comfort and play games..yes maybe brooms will make her laugh!

    i feel fortunate to call you friend jamie. my life is all the richer for your words, images and you.

  6. this was so lovely and inspiring... thank you

  7. and this too...i cannot say enough happy things about that lovely heart! and what are those sweet sky blue flowers?

    have fun with little suzie Q!

  8. calvin & hobbes - my alltime favourites. i even named one of my cat's SPIFF! (if you haven't come across him yet, better keep reading...)

    and thanks for the beautiful mention. You are so sweet! It's a pleasure to know you and you are so very welcome for the DVD.

    i heart you very much, you are so so beautiful.

  9. Every day your blog gets more beautiful. You too. This is wonderful, wonderful, smiley, happy. I am lusting after this photograph & those beautiful blue flowers, and I clicked on every link & visited every place you pointed me to, and all made me happy. The elephant photographs are, in the real sense of the word, breathtaking. (Have you listend to Jami Sieber's "Hidden Sky" - cellos & elephants? If not, there is a link on my blog - it's under Lifesavers. It's the only CD I've ever replaced more than once - I am notoriously hard on CDs. I cannot live without it.)

    Bless you.

  10. I'm with the lovely Leonie on this... 'you are so so beautiful'

    sigh... you truly are.
    There are only one or two others that touch the chord in me that you do...
    and when I hear from you I always feel such warmth and love and gratitude.

    You are ALWAYS on my 'heart list' and on my heart too.

    Thank you my beautiful sister friend... thank you so very much for being so incredibly giving of yourself here in this beautiful little 'home' you've created.

    As my wee son Sam always says "I love you as big as the sky!!"

    And I sincerely do.

    xoxoxoxoxooooooooooooooh :)

  11. This is an awesome tribute to the blogs you read.
    You yourself are inspiring, you should remember that! Your writing is lasting and optimistic and whimsical and you see things that most would not notice or care for, like baby spiders.
    For example, I will never forget your post about the woman in red, and I see that you are mentioning her again;
    if you see that woman AGAIN, try and talk to her, and let her know what an effect she had on all of us!

  12. Well done, Jaime. I tip my hat (if I wore one), to the community you have created with your good spirit, and gtracious affirmations. We all need more of this kind of reading!

  13. Gratitude in abundance! Thank you.

  14. Ending my day with this beautiful post makes all the sense in the world to me. Thank you for writing this.

  15. This made me smile
    from the inside

    Sending you the softness of this evening... on wings