Tuesday, July 29, 2008

As the Sky Cries, I Smile

I feel all childlike inside today. Memories of my younger days are swirling around me like the steam from a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. It's raining out today, and you know how I feel about the rain.

Climbing the mountain in the rain, and walking through the dense forest takes me back to early days...camping in the woods, hearing the soft tapping of the heavy drops on the top of the tent singing me a lullaby as I fall into sleep, squirming towards the middle to avoid the damp sides of the tent...opening the zipper door in the morning and awakening to the fresh scent of the fragrant cedar trees. Camping just wouldn't be as adventurous without a nighttime shower.

I miss thunderstorms. Terribly.
I grew up in an area where the storms could be fierce. I loved to watch the deep purple clouds crawl in over the distant mountains on the far side of the lake. All would be calm, sunny even, but the anticipation of what was to come was so exciting. You could hear the distant echoes of the thunder, and catch a flash or two if you happen to be looking in the right direction at the exact perfect time. I didn't want to blink and miss it. And then, it would be over you. A torrent of rain and wind and light and sound. At night, sometimes the lightning would be so intense, it looked like broad daylight for several seconds. And then, just as fast as it came, it would be over...and once again, you could hear the faint grumbling of the restless clouds drift farther and farther away...brewing...stewing...preparing to release its fury once again in another far off place.

Today isn't one of those kinds of days. But it is equally wonderful. It's a soup and crackers kind of day. Reminds me of rainy days when I was a child, when my mom would bake something in the kitchen that would engulf the whole house with comforting scents, while we played hide and seek...puzzles and games strewn across the floor.

It's all about comfort. I love to feel warm and dry, wrapped in a blanket, a cup of tea in one hand, a rich novel in the other. And a window to watch the sky cry.


  1. wishing we could make that tea for two.
    i could really use a day just like this one about now.

  2. Oh, how I love a good rainy day.

    Beautiful post.


  3. you are sooo wonderful! best things in life are simple pleaseures. thanks for that great post.

  4. We've got rain today...and I love the rain too. Early this morning I had a few moments outside in the garden with my husband...it was all quiet, and misty...magic. We actually said it reminded us of B.C...and yes, camping. :)

    I love our cracking Alberta thunderstorms too. Nature sure has a way of making you take notice of her!

    Thanks for this lovely post...I'm definately going to bake some cookies for my kids today. :)


  5. Nothing like a rainy day in the middle of the summer. It is magic! Beautiful words and image. As always - really really nice!

  6. rain in the summer can be so refreshing... unless it happens almost every day.
    i, too, have always enjoyed watching the thunderstorms rolling in... the distant rumble of thunder coming closer, the clouds billowing, growing... an occasional lightning... counting the seconds between lightning and thunder, running for shelter when the sky opens...

    thank you for nice memories :)

  7. Jaime - As always, a gorgeous photo. Oh, and rain. Don't you always feel so safe in storms? When I was a teenager, living in southern Arizona, there would be lightning storms across the desert. Heat lightning. We'd park the car in the middle of the desert & be surrounded by 360 degrees of dry lightning. It was quite magical. That safe inside-the-tent feeling you talk about.
    Pretty wonderful.

    As is this post.
    :) Debi

  8. although it's sunny and beautiful here, you transported me and almost made me long for rain. :-)

    i too miss real thunderstorms, tho' mine rolled in across the prairies and you could see them coming for miles and miles.

    did you get out your lensbaby? :-)

  9. "It's a soup and crackers kind of day"- you said it perfectly. What could anybody add to that? :) Your posts are so cosy- I nearly can't wait for Winter! Can hardly believe I said that but when you talk of blankets and tea and being warm and thunderstorms outside- I nearly wish for an excuse to wrap up and be cosy.
    You certainly love your thunderstorms, don't you? :)

  10. We were anticipating a thunder storm the other day, which never came in the end. Shame really, I love the odd thunder storm too :-)

  11. Such descriptive writing. It made me want to fetch blanket and book and curl up on the sofa, too.

    You may, however, have my share of thunder storms. We have had, here in Western Massachusetts, more and fiercer storms this summer than if you bundled several summers together. They've done lots of damage and taken a few lives. I have taken to hiding under my kitchen table to escape the worst of them. Having been hit by lightning once, I am twice cautious.

  12. I like the title to this post :)

    I also love the rain, being curled up on the sofa and falling asleep listening to the rain, how the rain releases the scent of the earth.

    Such a comforting post. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  13. if i could have read this with my eyes closed i would have. just to use all of my senses in gathering a complete vision of what you describe so beautifully. i could see those thunder clouds, i could hear that cracking thunder. i could feel the deluge of water shaking the tent. you are a beauty of a image maker with your words as well as your unearthly photographs. i see that leaf opening with all the wonder you intend for me to feel jamie.

  14. It just so happens that its raining here in Melbourne today too...

    I took my beloved up for a drive in the mountains...

    It was so beautiful to see the mist in the trees and big fat raindrops landing on the windshield as we meandered through the trees opening their arms to the nourishing downpour of love.

    Thank you for being here.

    It warms my heart to read your words,

    With love, Maithri

  15. Oh! I love the rain. I just love the rain. When I was nine we lived on Tecera island in the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was such a small island and something about the way it was situated made the rain fall sideways. It rained sideways and I fell asleep to the fog horn's lonesome call. I fell in love with rain then, and it has never stopped. I keep promising myself that someday I am going to call in sick simply because it is raining. I'll stay home and enjoy the day. I'm glad you enjoyed yours.

  16. reeling with you in the morning sky....and the sun --like an egg yolk for our breakfast.