Thursday, February 28, 2008


Thank you so much to the three wonderful people who welcomed me with their lovely messages on my blog. I so look forward to reading more about you in your blogs as time goes by. It's becoming quite an addictive thing...reading blogs! (What a funny
Today I had one of those "crap! I wish I had my camera with me!" kind of moments. I was hiking my little mountain when I saw two ravens sitting together in a leafless, gnarly old oak tree on the side of the cliff. It was quite a haunting scene, yet so beautiful to watch them take care of each other, preening and such. I waited until they flew off and carried on up the mountain. Once I was near the top, they reappeared. I watched them silently glide through the soft tops of the evergreen trees, on their way to someplace else. It's always when you don't have your camera that you see the most amazing things. It must be some law of the universe. I am going a little stir crazy, as I had to send my camera off for repairs and haven't seen it for almost two months. It's amazing how much you miss something when it is taken from you. All I want to do is take pictures! I guess it's a lesson in patience. And perhaps some things are just meant to be enjoyed in the moment, without the distraction of trying to get a good shot.
So, I'm sharing some of my older pictures until I can go exploring again. I discovered this fuzzy little bee last spring sleeping on a chive blossom. I think he must have gotten a little drunk on nectar...he stayed there for quite a while before he clumsily went on his way. They are so incredibly cute...especially when their legs are covered in balls of pollen. How they ever get off the ground is beyond my level of comprehension. The world is full of wonders.


  1. i cannot even imagine being without my camera, eep! hope you get it back soon!!

  2. "...with legs covered with balls of pollen..."

    how incredibly glorious...

    I am loving that visiting you is going to be a time of wonderment, beauty, and joy.

    Thank you for sharing YOU... what a gift indeed :)


  3. If you had had your camera with you, we might not have been given your wonderful words.

    And, yes. The world is full of wonders.

    a child's laughter
    an ant with a big load
    the way two people can be friends and never have met