Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Few Things About Me

I'm struggling with what to write in this blog. How much of myself do I put out into this technological abyss? Will anyone read it? Will anyone find it remotely interesting? Who am I really talking to? And how deep do I want to go? I guess I will find my own way as I continue...just keep taking one step at a time, I suppose. I thought I might start with a list of a few abstract things about me. An ice breaker so to speak:
1. If I could have any job, I would love to be a children's book illustrator. (too bad I can't draw a stick man to save my life!)
2. I am a quiet person who craves solitude something fierce. Don't get me of the things I value most in life are the deep connections I cultivate with my family and small circle of friends.
3. I've done a loop and a barrel roll in a small airplane. ( I was not the pilot, thank god)
4. I love living in small cozy spaces...and colour on the walls is a definite must.
5. I share my little space with a fuzzy little litter- trained lop bunny named Taro. (a taro root looks sort of like a baked potato...with his colourings, he looks a bit like a baked potato)
6. I absolutely love to poke my macro lens into familiar spaces, only to fall into jaw-dropping wonderment at the new world presented to my eyes. It's really like being a child again.
7. When I was little, I bit my tongue so hard, I had to get glad I don't remember that particular trauma.
8. My favourite movie is Amelie. I secretly wish I could be a french woman. But I also love the unique and beautiful way it was filmed.
9. Eight years ago, I packed up my life and moved to Victoria, not knowing a soul in this city. Within one month I felt more at home here than I ever did in my home town.
10. Call me strange, but I much prefer rainy foggy stormy days to sunny ones.

~behold the turtle.
He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.

~James Bryant Conant


  1. victoria is such a beautiful city to live in ~ we have family there and i always feel so very much at home when i am there ...

    amelie is one of my favourites as well :)

    i started blogging almost five years ago and looking back, it was and continues to be a state of evolution, the beauty of blogging is that it can be whatever you want or need it to be at any given moment and honestly the community can be amazingly wonderful :)

    thank you for commenting on my blog so that i could find you, xo

  2. welcome to blogland!

    I am a friend of the beautiful Darlene who just posted before me :)

    Your photography is breathtaking, and may your new blog life be breathtaking too!

    Be patient, and do this for only you.
    As time passes like spirited people will find you (and you will find them!)

    Once again, welcome!!
    Already I have found you to be extremely charming indeed :)


  3. Welcome Jaime...

    Why do I blog? To feel connected...

    No! for myself! meet other like minded women?

    The only reason that is worth blogging for me is that it is M A G I C A L !

    Enjoy...and your photographs are 'magical'. xx

  4. Oh, Jaime. I love learning these things about you. I find myself thinking - Yep. Soul sisters.
    1. I live in a small house, which I love. The walls are pale green, blue, and lilac.
    2. Amelie is my favorite movie. Ever
    3. I fell in love with Victoria when I visited and often don't feel at home in my town
    4. I love, love, love the rain.

    And you. I love you, my friend.