Monday, February 25, 2008

A Quiet Space

I'm sticking with the green theme again today. Must be spring fever. I express myself better through my photos, rather than words, so I have a feeling this blog will become more of a photo journal than anything else. I love the idea of having a space in which to create a visual collection of the things that make up my inner and outer world. I find it fascinating how we all experience the world differently...we all see things a little different. No two people will ever have the same perspective. Wouldn't it be amazing to enter someone else's mind and see the world through their eyes for just one day? I have always wanted to see the world through my dad's eyes. He is an artist...a painter. He sees such detail in something as simple as a tree. He sees colour in the bark of a tree that most of us never consider. We see a brown trunk with green leaves. He sees all kinds of different colours in that trunk. If he can see such detail in a tree, what does the rest of the world look like to him? Or to any other person? I can only imagine.


  1. i have always wondered about that and wondered if we all see colour differently and if my blue sky is someone else's pink ...

  2. i love the feeling of your journal...

    it is soft...



    full of wonder...xx

  3. This is my favorite photo on the blog. Absolutely amazing.

  4. I think that's why I enjoy movies so much. It's a glimpse into the way other people see things.

    I also think that's why I never much like movies made from favorite books. The director and artistic whatevers didn't see that world in the way I'd already imagined it. So it always feels false.

    Jaime, I have seen many, many of your photographs. I must say, this is one of my favorites - ever.