Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Giveaway

Speaking of sending a little paper love....

I've become a little bit of a Kinfolk addict. I wish I had known about this gorgeous magazine in its very beginnings, but lucky for me, they have only published seven volumes so far. Some I have, and some continue to elude me (volumes 1, 2 and 4, wherever can I find you? You seem to be out of print and in high demand!).

Anyway, I have an extra volume 7 that I would love to send to someone's mailbox. It is brimming with spring inspiration... ice cream, to be more precise... sea-salted lemon ice cream, and cones overflowing with floral loveliness. Oh, there is so much beauty to devour in this issue. I'm completely smitten.

Because I am sharing in a little spring-time celebration, I thought that my little easter bunny, Taro, could be included in the fun. Leave me a comment containing your favourite thing spring, by April 20th, and I will put your name in a draw. I will put each name on a pretty piece of paper and scatter them for Taro to find. If you've ever had a bunny, you know they love to chew things. The first paper to woo his taste buds will be the winner. I will share a photo of the nibbled up proof once he has made his selection.

Good luck and happy Spring!


  1. Isn't it great when you find something new that you love? Taro looks like he's up for the job, so much better than the random number generator. :0)

    My favorite thing about Spring, hhmm so many. I love the light breezes that play with my hair, the way the bird song is loud and upbeat, but I especially love the burst of color after so much monotone.

  2. The wisteria is blooming around our property. It feels so warm and almost surreal. I've indulged myself with Kinfolk before. What a beautiful magazine! Really inexpensive for the quality.

  3. For me, Spring is the season of the opening window and horizon and heart. I love Winter, but Spring tugs at the gypsy in me, makes me fall in love with all life's possibilities again.

    (Don't include me in the giveaway, I live too faraway for postage, but I just wanted to leave you a comment.)

  4. what? i think my mailbox and i would love this issue....because my favorite thing about spring is a surprise.....a new bud, a funny bird, a magazine in my mailbox....LOL

  5. Oh my goodness! A give-a-way? How fun! I'm in!
    Um... how to pick just one? Flowers? Birds?
    How about...
    May baskets!!!! I LOVE May baskets! Making, filling, hanging on the neighbor's door and ding-dong-ditching! With the kids! Even better!

  6. I love Kinfolk - I have one issue, not sure which one - but I love even more the idea of little Taro nibbling the paper!

  7. Oops. I forgot to include my favorite spring thing. My favorite thing is blooms and blossoms, particularly the tulips.

  8. Oh! I see! I'm in a drawing! I totally missed this when I read the first time for some reason. Kinfolk is dreamy! I'll cross my fingers.

  9. Oh, Jaime. Only you could come up with a giveaway that is so full of creativity and whimsey. I just giggle when I picture Taro nibbling away without having a clue as to the consequences. I keep hearing and seeing glimpses of these Kinfolk magazines but they have thus far completely eluded me. Sometimes I think I am so connected and other times I think I am so oblivious to the happenings of this food blogging/ food magazine world.

    Spring favorites? Definitely the window of time here in the South when the windows are open. I have one bedroom that has some linen curtains that I brought back from France. I love how light the fabric is and the breezes gently blow them out from the window. I am in such good spirits right now because I love cool weather. There is a light dusting of outdoors all over my house but no matter...I'll clean it when the windows get shut. It will all change in a month...but not to worry...I have plans to escape several times this summer!!

  10. Oh, this is just like you. Snuggle Taro for me. Too bad you can't whisper directions in his silky ear for me, too.

    My favorite thing about spring? Oh, there are too many. But, I'll tell you one - with a story, of course.

    My mother-in-law and I both love daffodils. One spring morning many years ago, I spotted a small bank of them, the first of the year. As soon as I got home that evening I called to tell my mother-in-law. She sounded a little tearful and when I asked her if she was alright, she told me that she and her own mother used to race to call each other each spring.

    My call came the first spring since she had lost her mom. My mother-in-law didn't get a call from her mother, but she did get one from me. Talk about blessed serendipity.

    Every time I see a daffodil, I think of the wonderfully sweet woman who raised my Jeffrey. I think of her, and I say a tiny prayer of gratitude. For her, for my husband, for love, and for spring.

  11. What a lovely looking magazine! I've never seen it before but it looks very dreamy!

    Hmmm....favorite thing spring. Gosh, it's been so long since I've seen spring *she says, wallowing in her own self pity* I'm not even sure!!

    But actually, the first thing that comes to mind is a memory. A new skipping rope. Pink rubber with the white and pink tassels. Every year as a little girl I waited patiently for spring to arrive and the Easter Bunny (a relative of Taro's perhaps?) would ALWAYS bring me a new skipping rope. Oh then I knew it was spring for sure.

    Mmmmm..... I feel inspired for my next post...

    Many hugs and kisses Jaime and Taro!!

    xo Catherine

  12. Such a fun way to pick a winner!

    When new life finds it way after a long sleep is my fave. A very beautiful,sweet time of year ♥

  13. I read this the other morning, and thought I'd go away for a bit to think about it, to find an answer. I love it all - the knowledge that winter and long dark days are behind me, that summer is coming, the flowers, the open windows. But my favorite thing, I think, is that baseball season begins again. Six months of games with no time limit, with bare knees pointed toward the sun as I scream and yell and get very nervous. Baseball wakes me from the cold and moves me into the hot. So yes. The beginning of baseball. :)


  14. My favorite thing about spring is a flowers


  15. i am too late for the drawing but wanted to drop in and tell you how much i enjoy your beautiful photography.
    My favorite thing about Spring is
    new life coming thru the branches of trees.
    Love, Becky