Saturday, May 21, 2016

Open and Present

The seasons are changing... time for some upkeep.

Is it just me, or are you noticing that spring seems to be getting shorter every year? I've been longing for a rainy day since March. The trees are thirsty already. Something just isn't right.

I spotted this little snail shell on the forest floor a few days ago and I wondered where the snail went? Do they vacate their spiral homesteads when they've outgrown them? When they want a change? When they crave a new, bolder colour perhaps? This one is a little faded.. but I like it. Soft colours work for me.... worn and well loved things work for me.

I could relate to the missing snail. The walls are starting to close in on me, and while I'm not looking to relocate any time soon, I wish to be in the world more. As an observer, and nothing more. I can imagine long hours spent on a bench in the harbour on a warm afternoon, watching the float planes soar in and out, the tourists walking along the path, the crows tagging along behind those who have a snack in hand, the sailboats drifting out to open sea looking for adventure...

So much can happen in a single moment. To be present for it, is what I yearn for. It's all there really is. And it's a calming space to be, where all is well, and all my mind needs to fill itself with is the beauty of the now.

My new meditation practice must be having an influence.
Love and peace to you all.


  1. oh those walls…the ones that close in on us…
    i've run from them myself and the feeling of running again is always there…teasing me.

  2. It doesn't feel like there is a spring here really at all. When the trees turn green, it's almost summer. (Maybe because it takes the snow so long to melt that the melting season is actual spring but since there's nothing blooming visibly, to me, it doesn't count.)

    I have been writing at the coffee shop almost every day now because it helps me be in the world. I get to watch people, and have tiny random conversations, and I like it.

    Love and peace to you. xoxo

  3. i must admit that i'm feeling a bit envious of that snail. to just shuck off the old and keep going. worn and well loved though that old may be, there is somewhere out there waiting to become the next worn and well loved.

    very nice. very.

  4. It's always so refreshing to see your photography and read your words <3

  5. Oh, it's so good to be a part of the world rather than just being in it. I love your snail shell, we seem to wonder about the same