Thursday, May 23, 2013

Snoozing on the Chives

I thought I couldn't love bumblebees any more than I already do, until they decided to move in next door and make bumblebee babies! I have a hive of new neighbours living right outside my bedroom window. They made their new digs out of an abandoned robin's nest that has been lying vacant within the twisty vines of a clematis. The once hollow shell has been filled with feathers and other little bits and bobs and now resembles a miniature beaver dam... it's quite a sturdy little dwelling. I am fascinated with it all, as well as a little protective. I only wish it was made of glass so I could see what is happening under the surface.

A bumblebee nest is quite different from a honeybee hive. Although it does produce a little bit of honey, it is significantly smaller and quieter, and these sweet docile creatures have no interest in doing any harm, unless their nest is threatened. Even then, I doubt they would ever turn aggressive. All buzz and no bite. They are ideal neighbours. And so cute!

The little one in this photo is not from the nest outside. He was resting on a chive blossom in my mother's garden yesterday. I think this little introvert was trying to escape the mayhem in the flowering plant right next to him... it was completely spilling over with bees.  

I captured a few snaps this weekend between spring showers. Two baby bunnies have moved into the garden, much to my mom's frustration, mowing down everything they can wrap their little teeth around. So adorable, but destructive... and lightning fast! Faster than the capabilities of my shutter button. So instead, I held the stillness, and a little bit of heart, inside my lens for you. May you find this little spot of peace just when you need it, just when the busybee inside of you needs a brief respite.


  1. Oh, oh, oh. I wish we were neighbors. It would be so fun to go on a photo outing with you.

    That is one adorable bumblebee.

    p.s. I received a brown paper package! I am saving it to open in the perfect moment.

  2. Your second photo takes my breath away...perfection. I needed a mental break and came over to find it here, and I did!

  3. The white heart is my fav ~ so delicate & divine.

    How wonderful to have a hive in process to watch.

    For some reason these shots reminded me of your amazing hummingbird photos : )

    Thanks for all the lovely comments and yes check out the Ninja blender, I think it's similar price or lower for the small ones only vs nutra bullet. Even though we got the big blender with the two small single serve, I hardly ever use the big blender it's just so much easier to make anything in the little ones. I don't make too much and so easy to rinse at the sink all the parts are clean in no time :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Aren't baby bumblebees so cute?? I had some a couple of summers ago. I love the colors in your images Jaime. So beautiful.
    xo Catherine

  5. I wish I could take such heavenly photos as you do. They're so ... so ... they leave me speechless. And I love these sweet little bees ... actually, bees have been on my mind alot lately, so to see these pictures was extra special.

  6. Oh Jaime your photos are so, so beautiful! Whenever I drop by for a visit, which I know I haven't been in awhile, your photos and words of wisdom are there to soothe my sometimes chaotic world. I loved this post and like Elizabeth said, I wish we were neighbors as well.

  7. sigh...

    I love you, my friend. I just do.

    I love your stillness and the way that your passion always shines through. I love that you are the first twinkle of a rainbow after the shower has passed. I just love you.

  8. Yes, that little bee is so cute...almost like you could reach out and stroke it. I'm glad you are having a summer full of beauty and nature. It's hot, hot, hot here and we are looking to escape a few more times this I can breathe.

  9. Hey, you. I wanted to let you know that I did get the Linky set up for Things I Learned in June. I hope you’ll come see me and decide to play along.