Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's All Gone Pear Shaped

It is apple crisp time. I only make it in the fall. I only want to eat it in the fall, when the air is as crisp as that delectable sugary oat topping. I was given a bag of apples... a wonderful woman I know has two apple trees and a pear tree in her yard and this year she had more fruit than she knew what to do with. 

I happily brought them home and knew exactly what to do with them. I started peeling and chopping. Inside the bag was one lonely pear. So in a spontaneous act of culinary creativity (I don't cook, so bear with me) I decided to add a pear to my apple crisp.

And I probably won't do that again. It just doesn't taste the same. Actually, come to think of it, I should have known better. As much as I love the voluptuous shape of the pear, and I adore that sweet little english phrase *it's all gone pear shaped* ...  I'm not entirely smitten with them when it comes to eating them. 

Except for bosc pears. They look almost rotten from the outside, all brown and plain. But they have a most satisfying sugary crunch. And that's just it....they have to be crunchy. 
As I think about it, so do apples. Except when they get cooked up into a sweet gooey mess underneath a blanket of apple crisp topping. 

Unfortunately, this crisp did go a bit pear shaped. Pardon the pun.
Funny how I keep reaching for a spoon, though.


  1. a case of whats inside being good even if the outside doesnt match up?

  2. Love that image. I'm not a pear person much either but I love apple crisp. Yum (lick lips).

  3. awww . . . sweet little pear doing the best it can.

    i prefer apples also, but the ever wonderful michael's mom makes a pear pie that is to-die-for, using the pears from the tree in his front yard. the squirrels in my yard never leave me any. well, there's one out there - hanging right over the middle of creek. the last one once again a tad out of reach. :)


  4. Love the perfect simplicity of the image. I can perfectly understand how a pear would ruin an apple crisp..not being much of a pear person myself!!

  5. crisp! What a warm and inviting thought!

    I cut up pears and cook them with chicken and Poppy Seed Dressing. Now THAT is a yummy place for pears to be! :)

    Wishing you a wonderful week dearest Jaime!
    xo Catherine

  6. I prefer pears, though I think I might prefer apple crisp to pear crisp. oh! but i found the most magical pear recipe on orangette the other year. you cut them in half and make vanilla sugar and bake them. i dream about them sometimes. not sure why i haven't made them yet now that i think about it. :)

  7. Next time you get the urge to add something to my favourite fruity dessert....make it rhubarb. Mine is usually a cobbler and not a crisp...but so similar really in the fruity part... and the best one I ever made had some stewed fresh garden rhubarb in it...YUM!!

  8. gorgeous image. i love a crisp pear, but not so much a soft one. however i think i would like pear crisp.

  9. Oh, sweet friend. I need your recipe. I am still on a quest for a perfect apple crisp recipe for my Jeffrey. Do share, won't you?