Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Windows to the Soul

When I go for evening walks in neighbourhoods where old character homes line the quiet streets, I love to look into windows.

I found this beauty in France. The warm glow peeking out from that tiny crack looked so inviting. I can just imagine the cosy nest someone has lovingly created behind that window.

My intention is not to peek in at the people who live there. I am more interested in the living space. I love to see how other people live, how they decorate. What colours have they chosen to paint their walls? In what ways are they expressing their own individuality? What favourite beloved treasures do they display on their window sills? Are there flowers growing there? Do they have bold colourful paintings on the walls or have they chosen a more subtle, serene colour scheme? Are they simplists or clutterbugs? I myself am a simplist, but looking at other people's clutter can be fascinating and revealing.

It makes me want to adopt some of their ideas and in my own unique way, make them my own. It nourishes my desire to be the completely original being that I am ...even if I am borrowing ideas from others. Does that make sense? It sounds contradictory, doesn't it?

It's kind of like being immersed in a good novel. As you read, you merge with the character and become one. You exist in an imaginary world completely different from your own, which sometimes entices you to take tiny fragments of it and make it yours.

Reading blogs is engaging in the same way. We each have an open window and when we invite others to read our thoughts and ideas, we are sharing a little piece of our soul. I read blogs in much the same way I look into windows. What new thing am I going to discover there that inspires me to live a tiny bit differently than I did yesterday? Or think a bit differently? Or see something with a new set of eyes? Or cook something completely different for dinner tonight?

Thank you for leaving your window open.


  1. Isn't it wonderful? I have made some fantastic meals by reading a good recipe on a blog! I have also explored new areas in photography, I would have never thought possible. I am so inspired by others...it's a beautiful thing!

  2. Oh, you too honey! I love to peek through windows in much the same way!


  3. I feel the same about blogs - A beautiful analogy. I learn so much. wonderful shot

  4. I've always thought of blogs as being doors, but I think you're right - they are windows, because we can peek in, sometimes not say a thing. Perfect description.

    I love this image - the peek-a-boo holes in the curtains on my right, next to the corner, look like a woman dancing. Can't you see her, head thrown back, her dress twirling around her?

    :) Debi

    PS - I know it's selfish but I'm so glad you're back!

  5. I love peeking into other peoples blog windows! For much the same reasons as you, inspirations, thoughts & colours. xoxo

  6. Your post is beautiful J,just like you!
    The only place i can see your soul, and live those beautiful words.


  7. I've been peeking into your blog for awhile now and I find your pictures and words are always so inspirational! I've always believed that blogging is about sharing little pieces of our soul as well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and words!

  8. Oh, welcome home!!! It looks like you had an incredible adventure!

    You have been missed...

    Thank you for letting me peek in your window...:-)


  9. Loved the analogy you drew with blogs. Thanks for having such a cosy cyber space and for inviting us. 8-)

  10. I love to peek inside too...I thought I was the only one who would admit to that....and the blog analogy...fabulous !!!

  11. Kia ora,
    I arrived from Pam's place and have greatly enjoyed a look into your window!

  12. If there's one thing about those winter nights when it gets dark early is that opportunity to peak into windows... I do it for the same reasons as you ;-)

    I'd never thought of blogs in the same way, but your absolutely right :-)

  13. You write the most beautiful metaphors. And, as I read this I found my head bobbing like one of those dolls in the back windows of people's cars. I was nodding and nodding and nodding agreement. Yes! Yes. I love to catch glimpses through windows. My favorites are at twilight when all the light turns a gorgeous plum and every home looks inviting.

    And, I know just what you mean about living other lives and taking some of it into your own "realtime" life. A few months ago I visited the home of a good friend and was overwhelmed with the desire to just dive in. Her look was cluttered, but such delightful clutter. Books in piles teetering on every surface, movies poking out of every conceivable cranny. Music everywhere just begging me to give a listen. And piles of papers full of handwriting. Let me tell you, it was hard not to peak at that.

    Oh. And the shoes! Oh, the shoes. I do wish I had been comfortable asking to take a picture or two. It was marvelous. You would have loved it.

  14. i love to peer in windows for the same reason. it's one of the reasons why i don't mind when my evening walks with the pup during fall/winter are so dark. the houses are lit and i can peer in more easily - it always looks so cosy and warm and inviting.

    i like thinking of blogs in that way too - thank you for sharing that!

  15. Your words here takes my breath away... catching up with you has been wonderful - from fuzzy little caterpillars through your trip to France and back again.

    Yes, I love peeking at people's home, and I am an avid people watcher... I have full-blown stories in my head by the time I'm done, and always wonder how close I come.

    It is I who should thank you, you've taken me where I always love to go: on a magical journey.