Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love Offerings

Love is everywhere....

Can you see it in the softening faces of people waiting in line at the grocery store as a baby smiles and coo's nearby?

Can you see it in the delight of that baby as she makes eye contact with each person in the line, flirting with their smiles, drawing them in one by one?

Can you see it in the luminosity of the first light of dawn...the sun's slow gentle yawn as it quietly rouses the bees and the butterflies?

Can you see it in the way a heart shaped leaf detaches itself from a tree limb and sails and floats and turns and flutters through rays of golden sunlight as it softly touches down amongst its sleeping siblings?

Can you see it in the delicate brush strokes of a painting? The beautiful way the artist has captured the light falling off the edge of a flower petal?

Can you see it in the way a woman carefully cradles a tea cup in her hands as though it could shatter if she grasped it too tightly?

Can you see it in the way your lover's eyes catch the light of the sun moon and stars when he looks at you?

Can you feel it in an unexpected compliment passed on to you by a friendly stranger? Can you pass on that feeling as your smile radiates outward and infects other passing strangers?

Can you see it in your mind's eye...two lovers walking the beach on a rainy day? One umbrella, four feet and a million secrets shared between connected souls.

Can you feel it in the warm embrace of your home as you step inside after a long day? You are enveloped in comfort as though the walls are saying *Welcome back...I've been waiting for you.*

When you are in love, you see it everywhere, you feel it in everything. The world becomes a sensory explosion and all things become vividly extraordinary.
Do you see it? Can you feel it? Where is love tickling your senses today?


  1. This is so beautiful......i was smiling through out it all, because it is soooo true and real and beautiful. We take these things forgranted dont we? its a bit sad, there is so much beauty in the world but people only see money, popularity and the bad things. Thanks SOOOOOO much for your beautiful thoughts and words. You are such a great person and i love your blog. Everytime i read your posts a smile is always on my face and i am reminded by the important things in life. Hope you have a magical day.

  2. thank you for this beautiful post on love - it's all around us if we just open our eyes and hearts. this is a beautiful photograph - so simple and lovely
    (what kind of plant is that?)

  3. i definitely see it here in this post :) its hard on a grey monday when lack of sleep sands the eyes but then i come here and i see it in the river flow and the curve of a scarf hanging over the wall ... thank you.

  4. Sweet Jaime,

    if you drop your handkerchief i'll pick it up for you!


    Everything is beautiful as you are...lovers on a rainyday,one umbrella........what's the name of the movie??

    A post, where i enjoyed every word...sounds like my own story, lived it with someone was on a beach too!!
    Ever since, i see the magic in the rain, and the togatherness under an umbrella.

    Beautiful post,profound things in a simple moment, and simple thing in profound moments.

    You should write a recipe book on happiness. Though, i wonder if there ever really could be one....but the way you see things makes one dream of it!

    love you, keep your wonderful words for and pictures for ones like me.
    Will keep coming here for the treat you offer....' love's offering !! '


  5. awwwwww... it flows right through your heart! from your hands to your fingers and then click, click. then it moves on to your mind, back into your heart and pours onto the page. beautiful writing dear heart!
    i am hopeful you captured a timed photograph of the umbrella carrying lovers walking that beach... what a vision that would be! i love red umbrellas. regardless if it is captured in a camera i know it is captured forever in your own soul. yes?

    no love for me quite yet this morning. but i am hopeful for later :) i'm afraid i began on the wrong side of bed this morning...

    but wait.. the sun is shining through my gossamer curtained kitchen window. and i adore the slant of the light and how the curtain glows. there! i feel it now! thank you jamie.

  6. hi honey :) love the imagery of two people under an umbrella on the beach, bliss... thanks for popping in, i've missed you too (though i still lurk here reading most everything you write, so pretty) much love xx

  7. very imaginative post ~ your words are might laugh... but since it is about 10 minutes until our family dinner I am going to say love tickles my senses as we say blessings with my husband and daughter then warm and yummy chicken enchiladas with a glass of merlot ~

  8. So beautiful.

    So true.

    So lovely.


  9. In my heart, always in my heart! It holds that love that seems impossible to contain; that love I hve for my family. And it holds too the deep abyss of pain that comes with the ability to love so much.

  10. Beautiful words...really made me smile..and think. As I go about my day..will look for the love that is everywhere!

  11. I am quite in love with the idea of the sun's slow gentle yawn, a heart shaped leaf floating overhead . . .

    I am so glad to see you here & so very, very happy.

    :) Debi

  12. It's in reading all these wonderful blogs. Human beings are incredible. If only we all believed it:)

  13. ooohhh, jaime, this made me smile while i was reading your wonderful words...
    ah, love...

  14. Hmmm. It's been a hard day to feel/see/hear something as bouyant as love... but, in this moment I sense love in the scarf swirled round my the silence around me..and actually now that I think of it I can feel love towards the customer service agent who was so gracious and lovely towards me today... I can also sense love in the very thoughtful comments you left for me! After a long day it felt really nice to be greeted with your words! Thank you. More than you know.

  15. This post is so incredibly beautiful.
    I could wax poetic on love, especially long lost love, but instead I will simply wish you... only more love :)