Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~* Ooh La La *~

Wishes really do come true...

A few weeks ago, I posted about my craving for a cupcake. A white one with white icing, and maybe a little flower on top. I mentioned that we needed a good cupcake store in this town.

So the other day, I was driving down the road when what should I see? A cute little sign that said "Ooh La La Cupcakes"


I almost pulled a U'ey right there and went in...but then I thought, no. I will wait until I have another craving. I don't know what I am missing right now, and once I know what I am missing, I might not be able to keep myself away from this sweet little mirage before my eyes.

I lasted about 4 days.

Went in there today... Just happened to be in the neighbourhood. It's a delightful little shop. A pretty green on the walls, a pretty little display of several different flavours and colours. But I knew what I wanted before I walked in the door. White and white.
And there it was. Maybe the object of my desire didn't have a little flower on top, but it had a pretty little pink bead nestled atop like an angel on a Christmas tree. After the nice lady behind the counter described to me all of the different cupcakes she had today, I asked for the white one....she called me a simplist. Yes. A simplist, with a simple wish for something sweet.

I have to tell was difficult photographing this little beauty. I had to get it all the way home and then take the time to make a picture for you before I could sink my pearly whites into this sugary delight. And now, as I write this, half of it is already gone. I saved the other half for after lunch.

So we now have a cupcake store in my town. Does the law of attraction really work? I might have to do another experiment. What do I wish for next?



  1. Too coincidental. I am thinking about sending you lottery tickets. Soon you will crave numbers & then . . . voila! you will be able to afford all the cupcakes you want! Maybe even the shop!

    :) Debi

    PS - Now I'm REALLY wishing I'd had dessert w/my lunch.

  2. hahahha, now that is a delicious looking cupcake... it looks almost too good to eat :-)

    *scratches head* now I wonder if I can find myself a shop that sells these delights in my city :-)

  3. Oh yes...the law works!!!! There is nothing better than having an adorable little bakery in town that sells delicious cupcakes! Heaven or earth does exist! Now keep making your wishes! Love the should be in a magazine!

  4. be careful what you ask for...

    while I'm waiting for my own town to have a cupcake store, I'm going to go whip up a batch.

  5. My friend, the late Ernie Drube always said that you need to ask for what you want. Otherwise, you will not get it!
    How delightful!
    Now, you know you've got us ALL craving cupcakes!

  6. The law of attraction is definately working for you there girlie! :) looks so luscious...

    And so now we wait with baited breath for you next wish...


  7. Nyom! That looks ace!


    PS I think you have powers. If you could start thinking about George Clooney and I going on a date, I'd love you forever ;)

  8. if you wish for it, it will happen or so i am finding ... :)

    mmmmm .. cupcake goodness!! looks delicious :)

  9. it looks like food little pink fairies would eat. they probably race up that steep and winding path. the pink bead is the prize. like a trophy or plaque to hang on their mossy dining room wall.

    law of attraction......... it seems like an important discovery.

    busy with teaching i bet ....


  10. Beautiful Jaime,

    How wondrous that on the 8th of August you ponder your longing for a cupcake shop, when lo and behold, a mere 6 weeks pass and voila! a cupcake shop just for you :)

    As for the laws of attraction, I believe things(and hearts)are drawn to you because of your own tender heart and your childlike sense of *wonder*

    You needn't ask a hundred times like an affirmation or a mantra, and you needn't try conjuring either...
    you just continue being the incredibly unique soul that you are and I've no doubt the doors(and arms)that are waiting to swing open wide.

    I'm sitting here with a cup of tea on a blustery almost Autumn day, and my heart is dancing this little waltz as it glides over and over the beauty of your words.

    I love you dearly, have missed you madly,and was so happy to find you 'home' today.

    I promise to never stay away this long again.

    love to you my beautiful friend.

  11. Yummie!

    I wish I wish upon a star...

    1, 2, 3 ....

    go on! Wish! xx

  12. YES!! I just love it when life hands you exactly what you have been wanting. If it were me, I'd wish for a thrift store with an amazing book section next.

    I have a friend who makes the most delicious cupcakes ever. I have hopes of eating one or two this week.

  13. I love the title ~ ooh la la

    that's what i FEEL every time i
    eat a cupcake:)


    now i want one....

  14. Beautiful! There's a cupcake place in my neighborhood called "Eat My Cupcake" - I like your place's name better, but even still, I have been meaning to venture in for months. MONTHS! I think it's time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. oh... how extraordinarily delicious!

  16. Amazing you could write the essay and still not have eaten it all! I'm not a "cake" kinda guy, I'm headed for cookies.

  17. oh la la, what a perfect name! i love how you pictured it, that little bead on the top gets me. i've missed your beautiful photos, and you :) xxx

  18. You're as cute as that cupcake!!! I love how you blog about the little beauties in your life, it makes me think about my own :)

    Oh & SPEAKING of cupcake-related coincidences...2 weeks ago, I was googling cupcake restaurants, drooling over the tiny perfections they had to offer, etc...and the very same day, my mom's friend sent over a tray-full of GIGANTIC pink & blue cupcakes!! I was gobsmacked :)

  19. Ummm, yum. Looks like waiting to sink your pearly whites in was worth the wait, for the image is scrumptious! Your photography is wonderful!

  20. The law of attractions works.....its been almost six months,my mouth watering.... i've been waiting to get my teeth into a 'cupcake'....a coquelicot cup cake.



  21. that's a fabulous story. i'm afraid if i want a cupcake, i'll have to make some myself. but it might be worth wishing...