Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Word

Being a girl of few words these days, I thought this little meme that I found over at Relyn's lovely blog would be a perfect thing to it requires few words. Specifically, one word answers.
Feel free to play along :)

1. Your cell phone? extinct

2. Your significant other? starlight ;)

3. Your hair? sunkissed

4. Your mother? nurturing

5. Your father? artistic

6. Your kids? possibilities

7. Your favourite thing? nature

8. Your dream last night? bathtub (?)

9. The room you are in? cozy

10. Your fear? spiders

11. What you're not? ordinary

12. Last thing you did before logging on? raingazing

13. Where did you grow up? lakeside

14. What are you wearing? jeans

15. Your computer? connecting

16. Favourite place? ocean

17. Your mood right now? observant

18. Missing someone? longingly

19. Something you're not wearing? snowpants

20. Your life? wondrous :)

I'm off to the ocean again tomorrow...maybe I can find my voice again while I'm there.
See you all in a few days!


  1. Thanks for sharing this...have a wonderful time by the sea...

    I'll going to sit in the woods and see if I can find my voice again too.


  2. I understand that 'silence'. Have a beautiful time while you're away.

  3. glad to have a farewell 'jamie moment' before you are away for a few days. although i am making a wonderful trip myself tomorrow i can't help but have a pang that i would have liked to seen your beach with you. maybe another time :)

  4. Very interesting.. and I understand that silence, too. Sometimes we need to be still.


  5. enjoy your trip... sometimes our mind tells us we need a break...
    in the meantime, lovely meme and i love the softness of the photo...

  6. Enjoy your time by the water and thank you for sharing your lovely list. Even your simple words are wonderful.

  7. Great idea - here is my take on it:

    1. Your cell phone? nuisance

    2. Your significant other? hiding ;)

    3. Your hair? saltnpeppa (cheating I know)

    4. Your mother? talkative

    5. Your father? mailman?

    6. Your kids? nonexistant

    7. Your favourite thing? beer

    8. Your dream last night? lucid

    9. The room you are in? toasty

    10. Your fear? bussmushing (cyclist!)

    11. What you're not? normal

    12. Last thing you did before logging on? supped

    13. Where did you grow up? didn't

    14. What are you wearing? bowtie

    15. Your computer? iMac

    16. Favourite place? marquesas

    17. Your mood right now? cheeky

    18. Missing someone? probably

    19. Something you're not wearing? tutu

    20. Your life? creative :)

  8. I perfectly understand your desire for quiet. Love the image!!!

  9. I didn't know you'd ever lost your voice:)

  10. the post is a lighthearted as the photo. There is often more power in few words...

    Have a delightful time at the ocean.

  11. wishing you a happy and safe journey...and looking forward to reading when you return!

  12. My voice wanders off a lot these days :) I hope you had a lovely relaxing time at the ocean. A great place to replenish. I like your one word meme.

  13. I love the extinct cell phone! Have a lovely trip.

  14. Believe me I understand the silence!! I hope that the sea healed you and that you are ready to share again -