Monday, February 1, 2010

I Took a Breather

Some fresh air will do you good. Really.

I haven't been blogging for over three weeks. I haven't been climbing my mountain for over three months. For a while now I have been directing so much of my energy towards my outer realms....making room for deepening connections....that it's almost as though my inner planet has tilted off its axis. And while I have been aware of this for some time (finding a balance between what I need inwardly and what I need outwardly has always been a struggle), it wasn't until I tied my laces and headed for the mountain this morning, that I realised how far off track I had actually wandered.

Immediately I noticed a welcome committee of birdsong, and I could almost hear the trees whispering where have you been? We missed you. As I moved deeper into the woods and up the familiar slopes I felt as though I was being hugged by an old friend. It felt so good to be back.

A few months ago, I started to feel apathetic about climbing my mountain. I began to get bored, which has never happened to me in the eight years I have been climbing. This really bothered me because I knew it was an important part of my day to come and find my inner spaces. It wasn't just a good work out for was a daily meditation that centered me for the rest of the day.

But sometimes I think we need to take a break from things to really find our appreciation for them again. I didn't want to come back until I was truly ready to make a commitment to myself, and climb daily. So when I returned this morning, I knew, without a doubt that it was time. It felt so good to be there. What was too familiar and commonplace a few months ago was now beautifully familiar and comforting now. I found myself pausing in certain places, just so I could look around and breathe it all in again. The old knotted oak trees are covered in a flourescent aqua marine lichen...the hillsides are bright green with moss and new leaves are sprouting from branches, slowly filling in the empty spaces that Autumn left behind.

As I walk out of these spaces, and back into the busy world, I walk down a path under a tunnel of tree branches and it feels like I am emerging out of a womb. I am leaving the quiet forest where I have room to think and be with the gentle rhythms of nature, and moving back into the daily busyness of living and doing.

It really is a different world on that mountain. Within that mountain. And it has everything to do with how and when I come here to write. Many of my thoughts are gathered there. Most often, I write my posts just after I have climbed, when my energy is high, and my creativity is flowing, sometimes overflowing.

And I feel ready to be here once again. Writing and sharing, taking pictures of beautiful things, visiting with you, reading your words and ideas, being inspired by your creative lives. I cannot do these things if I am not in touch with my insides. I have strayed too long, and had to set my planet back on its proper axis. What a difference a little bit of fresh air will do you.

Breathe deeply.


  1. you were missed and I'm thankful you're back...
    and your words touched such a soft spot in my heart.

    I climb the hills behind our cottage in the spring and fall and my body is aching for spring to be here so my feet can take off....

    the winter makes the hills too slippery for hiking and the summer makes the hills too dense too move, so I wait patiently in between for my chance to move and breathe and see the world exactly the way you described....

    oh, I hadn't realized how much I missed those hills until just opened me up and made me realize what I've been missing in my soul....and my spirit.... and answered the question as to why I'm so low right now....

    please spring...can you come early this year...please

  2. i think i need a mountain to climb. i've been bored with writing lately. this post reminds me what really good writing is like. the connection to the writer, the power of the words, the message that i received.

    i did that with photography - grew bored and put the camera down except for the little daily shots that i swore i was going to shoot. then suddenly the sky shone bright sunday and i took a walk to different bits of the city that exclaimed previously i was bored with. and i went home...and was suddenly excited.

    and that shot you posted at the top - gorgeous. just an example how somethimg so simple can be breathtakingly beautiful.

  3. I have missed you, wondered if you were alright, thought about asking, but you dropped in regularly to see me so I decided to let you be, always happy to see your words to me that let me know you were still out there, wherever there might be. So glad you are back.


  4. We all need those breaks from time to time. I've been feeling much like you, and have thought of taking a blog break to find my words again too. Its always best when I'm energized from a walk to the beach or mountains (we don't have poison-oak free hiking in this area and I'm sooo allergic, so I avoid the trails).

    So glad to hear your e-voice again, and so glad you found what you needed~ xxVicki

  5. There you are! I was missing you. So glad you are back where you need to be and that you have refound your energy.

    Your mountain must be a beautiful place with newly sprouting leaves and branches and bright green moss on the hillsides.

    We are still in the deep of winter here with no hint of it giving up. It's very sad.

    So welcome back ~ glad you are well ~ and look forward to your lovely pictures once again!

    xxoo Catherine

  6. Your words ring true for me tonight. Glad you are back to climbing your mountain, and glad you are back to writing your words.

    All best thoughts and wishes,

  7. I'm glad you're back.

    Your mountain sounds lovely.

  8. Add me to the chorus sounding "we're so glad you're back, sweetie"!


  9. So good to have you back!!! It's true that sometimes we need to take a step back to see what it is that we've been missing. As always - your words move and inspire me.

  10. Oh Jaime, I couldn't agree more.p

  11. thank you for this. i actually took a deep breath as i clicked on the comments link to leave you one.

    you are a breath of fresh air. it was neat to look at you blog archive and see one post for january and one post in feb. it was light. it seemed freeing. it seemed simple. your blog is that anyway. very zen. i could take a few pointers from you.

    my blog has been heavy lately. heavy with words about heavy thoughts. so i needed to come here today and read this.

    thank you.

  12. i'm glad you're back. I love your space here and would miss it if you did not return. I felt sure you would though.
    I agree that sometimes we just need breathers to get back to a place where we truly appreciate and find comfort.

  13. writing starts with a breath...i missed you xx

  14. Hello Miss.Jaime! I'm happy to see you back too. I so know where you are coming from...many times I have stepped away like this...and came back when feel freshly inspired...and see things anew.

    I'm looking forward to what you share next...xo

  15. I wish I had a mountain to climb, or rather I wish I had a beach to walk. That's where I breath. I'm glad you are back on your mountain.

  16. i love this idea of starting out fresh but only when you are ready to dive deep. i hope your mountain calls to you each day and that you return the call, that you each have one another to cherish and inspire. i struggle so much with balance. sometimes i think i will never find it again. but you help, this post helps. i have missed you too :)
    xo be well