Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I Was....

a month.... October

a day.... a rainy Saturday

an adjective.... free

a colour.... sea glass

a flower.... poppy

a musical instrument.... wind chimes

a fruit.... starfruit

a shoe.... flip flop

a planet... saturn doing the hula hoop

a taste.... salty sweet

an emotion.... sensitive

a song.... Alive by Edwin

a store.... Pink Sugar cupcakery

a book.... Romancing the Ordinary~ Breathnach

a scent.... vanilla bean

a tool.... telescope

a tree.... maple

a creature...mason bee

a verb.... love

For Relyn. Thank you for the inspiration.


  1. I know I'm much older than you, but seeing your list makes me think we were twins separated at birth....

    sea glass, wind chimes, flip flops, sensitive, vanilla bean and love.....

    ME TOO !!!!

  2. I read this slowly - it is snowing outside and I am savoring the quiet - and found myself seeing you thinking about the just right answers to these ponderings. Saturn doing the hula hoop? A laugh I much treasure. So happy to find you writing. And the starfruit image makes my mouth water. Lovely, lovely.


  3. Wonderful post Jaime! Love your photo of the starfruit. That is one fruit I have never tried ~ sad isn't it? I need to get our more. LOL

    Hope all is well with you! :)

  4. I've been thinking about you ever since you left all those lovely comments on my blog. I want you to know how much every word meant to me. You are such a dear, generous, and creative person, and I am touched that you took the time to read my posts with such care.

    Now, this list is lovely. Poppy, mason bee, starfruit . . . sigh. You know, when I read Relyn's list I thought it was a wonderful idea, and now I'm thinking it again. Guess I need to make one, too. Oh, and I'd be October, too. Hands down, it's my favorite.

    Thanks so much, Jaime! Wishing you a happy Valentine's weekend! xo Gigi

  5. This is so needs to be read and re-read. So very inspring!!! I so love your way with words!!!

  6. Such a thoughtful list. I love some of your choices.


  7. oh, i want to do a post like this! this is so creative and telling, but so simple. i love love love it!

    would you be okay with me continuing the flow of inspiration by doing this too? i would love to and link to you as my inspiration.

  8. I do love this post. Of course I do. Your list is wonderful and whimsical and so very you. You know what I love even more? It's that as I read it I kept thinking, "Yes, I knew that." And, of course, I didn't. Not really. But it feels like I know you. Really know you. You know? a rainy Saturday... sigh. So you.

  9. I love this post, as well. I love the simplicity of it. I love the way in which you express yourself - salty sweet, saturn doing the hula hoop. Love it!

  10. A shoe...flip it!

  11. I can't say which description I relate to best... they all express my own sentiments perfectly~ (: xxVicki

  12. now you have both inspired me. i shall continue on with my list. :)

  13. i so need to do one of these. both of you women inspire me to the core. yes~ october.

  14. I so love the beautiful, simple, couragous flower named 'Poppy'. teehee...she is one of my favourite! i love you. just thought of something that i quickly have to go write...and then i'll email it to you.

    love you to the moon and back xx

  15. What a great exercise...I like it, may I borrow it? Your photos are incredible. I love taking pictures up into the canopy of trees. I relate to you...wonderful post.

  16. i'm so happy i found some time to scroll through some of your older posts, this one is filled with such sweet essence & inspiration ~ so fun to know you better, i'm a free...sea glass... wind chime girl too ♥