Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cinnamon Hearts

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself.
To melt and be like a running brook
that sings its melody to the night.
To wake at dawn with a winged heart
and give thanks for another day of loving.

~Kahlil Gibran


  1. this is a very special, an envelope full of hearts came to me with a butterfly.

    i know the story behind those cinnamon hearts....but here the snow is so white and flakes fall everyday whitening the face of this universe.....your beatiful smile lights the sky with the stars i cannot find elsewhere except in my solitude,it takes to uderstand through flowering tears that a light is born like nowhere else in an unique way, complete, fulfulling, breathing in its truth, with a sincerity of having kissed love. Tell me how can i stop loving the light that lights my sky.
    how can i talk to dawns that wake up in my silence.
    how can i come to the gates where a golden sun glows.
    how can i talk to love but through your adorning words.
    i love you!

    Boo's shadow

  2. Excuse me for the typing keyboard is playing tricks.
    Wishing you a happyu St Valentine's day.

    Boo's shadow

  3. Such a perfect quote for such a beautiful image. Love the light..the detail..and the unexpected heart shapes - of course!!!

  4. happy heart day to you sweet friend....

    and ummmmm, the anonymous note !

  5. mmmm...I bet that cinnamon smells good. If I had one I would put a stick of it in a glass of hot chocolate...yummy... :)

    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day Jaime!

  6. Oh my. To the words, the image, the smell of cinnamon, to anonymous.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Miss J!


  7. the brown fragrance of winged heart

  8. Cinnamon and Gibran, the spice of love!

  9. How have I missed your last two posts!? This image and words by Kahil Gibran are beautiful. I wish I had seen them a few days ago. Cinnamon hearts... perfect~

  10. What a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it! And those cinnamon hearts look sooooo very good!

  11. Love your cinnamon hearts and the quote you chose and the words from Anonymous - all a wow!!

  12. yes!

    *clink* to love

    i love love

    and that delicious photo

  13. And, of course, you my friend, would have the absolutely most perfect post for Valentine's Day. This brings me such delight. And, oh, how happy I am that someone loves you as you should be loved.

  14. i will be back. thank you for the love i have found here.