Monday, January 11, 2010

Quiet Potential

Of winter's lifeless world each tree
Now seems a perfect part;
Yet each one holds summer's secret
Deep down within its heart.

~Charles G. Stater

The blogging part of me has been hibernating, while the other parts of me have been richly engaged with life.

I think this is going to be a year of movement. Good change. Although, I hope it is slow and gentle, like the gradual evolution of a tree through the cyclical seasons.

The frost is melting from the parts of me that wish to hide. I can feel the buds emerging, some of them opening early to take a peek at what's to come. I have grown too big for the bud. I need more room. More space to grow. More light. My roots have deepened and now it's time for my world to open up a little bit more to the the things that have yet to manifest.

I feel something deep within myself awakening... Summer's secret is full of possibility.


  1. Wow...I want some of what you are having!


  2. beautiful write - reminds me always of my favorite Nin quote.

    love the quiet and still photography

  3. your words and images are so lovely. an awakening, you say? i want one of those too :)

  4. Gorgeous photos and exciting words, my friend! Selfishly, I'll say that this is just what I need to hear right now. I love that you say you've grown too big for the bud, and I feel much the same in my own life, although this very thought, I will admit, terrifies me.

    Your comments today were so wonderful--a series of gifts that I opened with pleasure. Thank you so much. It's wonderful to reconnect with you here in the new year.

    All best wishes,

  5. mmmmm how i wish that i felt how your feeling.
    What a happy and positive feeling. Please let us know whatever you wake up to or the possibilities that you find.

  6. Great pictures ~ especially the top one! I have been wondering where you were ~ I missed you!

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my blog. You are always so sweet!

    Spring and Summer ~ always full of possibility indeed!

    xxoo Catherine

  7. Such beautiful stillness. Perfect for hibernating and coming out anew!!!

  8. this is inspiring to say the least. i have felt much of the same. i look forward to what changes are opening up from you, because i know we will get to see many of them and benefit from them, too.

    glad to see your post today. you've been missed!

  9. simply gorgeous - your words inspire and enliven me.

  10. your photos look just like what it looked like here this morning, but I was too busy getting to the airport to take photos....

    so beautiful !

    and I know that uncomfortable or ill fitting or small bud you speak of....mine shrunk too....

    and only summer...well maybe spring, will bring me the right size to grow into !

  11. How perfect these images are for your awakening - I felt as if, like Aragorn, I had strayed into a dream when I first saw them. And trees and summer secrets? - you are speaking my language and I understand absolutely.


  12. Nice post. Wish you the best in 2010.

  13. Dearest Jaime,
    The tiny hearts that you cast my way, washed over the most tender part of me much like your early morning rain.

    Every single word that you spoke, I have inwardly spoken too.
    Spoken like the haunting whisper of a siren, that over time has left in me a hole big enough for the moon to pass through.
    A hole where the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months, and the shoreline it slipped away...

    But this morning there you were, like a message in a bottle from far away.
    A message that has me longing to board that moon and to sail all the way to where it is that our secrets quietly swim...
    I will be sending a message in a bottle too. One that says "You are deeply loved, and never forgotten, not even for one small day."

    All my love,

  14. so quiet and still and beautiful.

  15. Beautiful images Jaime. You make me wish for spring to arrive already :-)

  16. A beautiful post in words and images, as always. You never fail to move me and touch my heart.

  17. the revealing


    waiting for the revealing

    ever so beautiful your trees....

  18. such beautiful images...we are in the midst of a January thaw where I live and your words feel true for me too (not just outside but I mean inside of me as well)

    may you bloom and grow into a fuller version of yourself.

  19. happy 2010, love!
    let's set a date for a phone chat, so we can talk all about this brand new year!!!
    i can't wait to meet you, i just know we are destined to stand hug to hug soon ;)

  20. All that possibility just waiting to take root and bloom... truly marvelous, yes?



  21. hi sweetie, what beautiful thoughts. and filled with such hope.

  22. where are you? Have you blossomed? This is the most beautiful post ~ I hope that you are still feeling like this - sigh!


  23. Oh yes the possibilities, hidden just beneath that ever so soft dusting of snow. Beautiful, beautiful images.