Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simply Beautiful

I thought I would share with you some of the moments of beauty that I captured and tucked into my soul pockets over the last several days...

~ I woke up the other morning to the most gorgeous ray of winter sunrise flowing through my bedroom windows. It looked as though a soft incandescent lamp was lit in the corner, embracing the entire room in a warm glow. It was so alluring, I ended up falling back into my bed so that I could be hugged by this light for a few more moments.

~ I watched a young man walk across a busy street holding a cane and wearing a top hat. It was like being tossed backward in time. What was even more beautiful was observing the looks of curiosity and wonderment by the surrounding people as he passed them by. It's quite amazing that a simple top hat can unite a group of strangers.

~ I looked up and saw 23 seagulls gliding silently together in the dark sky. The clouds behind them were charcoal grey but the sun was illuminating their still bodies and motionless wings.

~ While sitting in a restaurant, I witnessed a man losing all sense of the world around him as he shared a secret moment with his nine day old baby girl. He was oblivious to his surroundings as he held her and made funny faces at her while she stared back at him, her eyes big, blue and wide open.

~ I rode on the most gorgeous carousel, and as I sat upon my gentle giraffe and watched the world spin round and round, I noticed that there was only one child turning with me...the rest of the riders were adults, seeking to reclaim a lost part of their childhood, laughing and giggling, their faces beaming as they turned in dancing circles.

~ In the night, while the wind was howling, I held a tiny hummingbird in my hands as I helped it escape a moment of sleepy disorientation. How delicate and completely beautiful he was in his papery lightness and fragility. A precious moment I will never forget.

~ Standing before the sea, I gasped as I saw a large fish leap, three times, out of the water and splash down. Was he fleeing from a bigger hungry fish or was he playing? Do fish play? When they dart every which way in their silvery shimmering schools, do they feel the bliss of the ability to move so freely through the water?

I saw so many beautiful things. And as long as I have eyes to see with and a heart to feel with, I will always look for the beautiful.


  1. How beautiful this post is.I am sure fish express joy.I think it is such a joyous thing to see huge whales leaping. However, loving the little creatures in life, I rescue Betta fish from pet shops where they languish in small individual containers, looking quite depressed in often not-too-clean water.("They like to be in a small space" I am told "their usual containment is rice-field puddles".) This may be the case, but once home, pampered and given a wider individual berth, they thrive and move happily.The change is remarkable. I hate to see anything languish.Your post is an antithesis to that very sad word.Brave to you for seeking out beauty!!xx

  2. i think fish feel joy....oh how joyful it would be to have silvery scales and to swim free in the waves underneath summery skies.

    beautiful thoughts - just heartmelting

  3. I don't think you even have to look for the beautiful, as the beautiful is made because your eyes and your heart work together as a team and beauty is just magically made....

  4. You have such a way with images and descriptions Jaime. Thank you for this view of your day! What a precious gift to hold a Hummingbird! As for fish jumping up out of the water... whenever I see them do this, I think they must be like us wanting to go up in the sky or down into the water out of curiosity for the wonders of nature around us. xx Vicki

  5. Your words are always like a gentle breeze...very soothing. You held a hummingbird? I wonder how many people can say that?


  6. Oh my goodness! Is this all a dream? Your life is a dream, a carousel with hummingbirds and fish and babies and seagulls and tophats and laughter and open eyes. I am so glad you open them and then share all this with us.


  7. Love the golds, browns, creams and whites of your picture. You always have so many beautiful words and thoughts to go with your photos.

  8. sigh. you make my whole breathe smile, xoxox

  9. I think thats exactly what life is about...Your words summed it up.
    If only we all lived this way.

    thank you Jaime.

  10. Ahhhhhh. I feel better everytime I read your blog. 23 seagulls! I love that you counted them! How are you in all these great spots all the time? Or are your eyes more open than the rest of ours? I think the more you look, the more it comes to you. I think going for coffee or to a restaurant with you would be grand for you could show us the things we arent seeing!(remember the spatula at Starbucks in Kelowna?) Always makes me laugh when I think about it. Thanks again!

  11. your images are truly inspiring me lately ~ the painterly blur is stunning and so poetic


  12. A fitting reminder to stop and look, to notice those little moments of pure beauty :-)

  13. and you will always find the beauty no matter what.
    i can't imagine holding a hummingbird. how wonderful that must have been.

  14. the hummingbird yes! joe had a similar experience and when he was telling me about it he was alight with amazement and joy. it made me happy just to witness that. you have a rich way of sharing with us your beautiful moments...and i thank you for that.

  15. So up-lifting..and such a 'beautiful' post. I have to agree - there is beauty everywhere. We just need to look and see.

  16. i am dreaming of fish feeling bliss... and loving your words.
    deep sigh for beauty.

  17. This is so, so beautiful, my friend. I have no doubt that you will always seek--and find--the beauty in things. I especially love your description of riding the carousel! How wonderful that grown ups can still capture such moments.

    Oh, and I think it must be joyous to be a fish flashing through the water or, as you describe, leaping three times.

    You have a gorgeous, shimmering soul. xoxo Gigi

  18. "And as long as I have eyes to see with and a heart to feel with, I will always look for the beautiful."

    Holy moly woman - this post and your writing - YOU are like a breath of fresh air!

    love you!

  19. soul pockets

    Man, do you know how to express yourself. And, how to put to words things the rest of us feel. Kindred spirits again.

    I could say so much more about this post and about the heart that is behind it. Instead, for now, I will just say

    Thank you.

  20. And because your heart is wide open you will always find the beautiful, mi amor...

    thank you for sharing your vision with us.